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Political or Campaign Signs

Utah State election law prohibits any electioneering activities on election day (this includes campaign signs) within 150 feet of the building where an election polling place is located.

Campaign Signs in Incorporated Portions of Weber County

You will need to contact the individual city for its zoning ordinances concerning campaign and political signs.

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Campaign Signs in Unincorporated Weber County

(Weber County Zoning Ordinance Chapter 32-3.6)

Political or campaign signs are permitted in accordance with the following provisions provided that any such sign shall be erected not earlier than sixty (60) days prior to the election at which time the candidates or measure will be voted upon and shall be removed within fifteen (15) days after such election, campaign or event.

a. In any residential zone, there is permitted not more than one stationary unlighted temporary sign on any lot or contiguous parcels of land under one ownership on behalf of candidates for public office or questions on the ballot, provided that any such sign shall not exceed six (6) feet in height or six (6) square feet in area. If attached, such sign shall not exceed the height of the eaves line of the building.

b. In a commercial zone, there is permitted one or more temporary signs on a lot on behalf of a candidate for public office, or of a question on the ballot or announcing a campaign, drive or even of a civic, philanthropic, educational, or religious organization provided that:

1. The total of such sign or signs on any lot shall not exceed sixty-five (65) square feet, except that larger signs may be placed upon any legally existing sign structure. If detached, signs shall not exceed fifteen (15) feet in height, and if attached not more than twenty-five (25) feet in height.

2. No such sign shall be a roof sign except upon a legally existing sign structure, and no signs shall be erected in any required yard setback area unless attached to a building.