Resources for abused

Domestic Violence Resources

Signs and characteristics of someone who may be abused
Equality Wheel

Domestic Violence

Utah Domestic Violence Information Line 800-897-5465
Utah Legal Services
Office of Crime Victim Reparations 801-238-2360
Second District Court 801-395-1079
Utah State Courts Self Help Resources 801-395-1079

Victim Advocate/Assistance Programs

Assistance Center 801-392-7273
Rape and Sexual Assault Ogden 801-392-7273
Weber County Attorney Victim/Witness 801-399-8377
YCC Victim Advocate Program 801-394-9456
Utah Attorney General’s Office Victim Service 801-281-1206
Utah State Department of Corrections Victim Services 801-545-5899
YWCA 801-537-8600
Governor’s Office on Violence Against Women and Families 801-538-1459
Utah Crime Victim Legal Clinic 801-721-8321