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Q: What is Business Personal Property Equipment?

A: Personal Property business assets such as:  computers, telephones, copiers, trade fixtures, furniture, equipment, machinery and other like personal property owned and/or used in connection with your business as of January 1 is subject to taxation.

Q: I received two different tax notices for the same business?

A: If the account numbers are different on each notice, please notify the Assessor’s Office at

Q: I have closed this business, do I still need to file?

A: When did the business close?  If you were closed prior to the January 1, lien date, then please complete the Business Change Form online or by mail.  If you were open on January 1, you will need to file for this year.

Q: I no longer have some of this equipment that is listed for my business.  How do I remove it?

A: Are you filing online? On our website, check the box next to the pieces of equipment you no longer have and save changes at the bottom of your equipment listing..
Are you filing by paper? Fill out Schedule A, Part 2, Personal Property Disposed Of.

Q: I won’t be able to pay my taxes by the due date? What will happen?

A: You will want to still submit your filing by the deadline of May 15 to avoid the penalty.  Any filing postmarked after May 15th will result in a penalty of $25 or 10% of tax due, whichever is greater.  On May 16, interest will begin to accrue at the rate of 7% annually. 

Q: I don’t own any of the equipment I use for my business; my employer owns all of it. Do I still need to file?

A:  The equipment must be reported to the Assessor. As to who will report the equipment? It depends on the specific arrangement you have with the employer to use this equipment.

Q: Where does my Personal Property Tax go?

A: The Personal Property Tax is collected and apportioned to the county, cities, school districts, and other taxing entities to pay for local governmental services.

Q: I lease all of my equipment; I don’t own any of it. Do I need to file on it?

A:  The equipment needs to be reported to the Assessor.  It will depend on the specifics in your lease agreement as to who is responsible for reporting.

Q: How do I file and pay online?

A: Please visit our website at: for complete instructions.

Q: My Business moved to Weber County in the middle of the year. Will I owe Business Personal Property taxes?

A: Not in Weber County.  However, if you owned business equipment in Weber County on January 1, lien date, you would need to file and pay for that year.

Q: Is there a fee to pay with a credit card online?

A: Yes. There is a processing fee of 2.45% of the amount due.  ($1.95 minimum)    Debit cards will be charged a flat fee of $3.95 regardless of the amount of tax owed. This fee is passed on from the credit card company. Weber County does not receive any of this fee.

Q: Can I pay my business personal property taxes or my mobile home taxes online?

A: Yes, Payments can be made for either, online with a credit or debit card, or echeck for the full amount owed.

Q: When are my Personal Property taxes due? Business? Mobile homes?

A: Personal Property taxes for business are due May 15th. Mobile home taxes are due mid July.

Q: I own more than one business in Weber County. Do I need to file differently?

A: There are specific factors to consider.  Please contact the Assessor’s office for directions.  (801)399-8572.

Q: Why haven’t I received anything about my Personal Property taxes this year?

A: Contact the Weber County Assessor’s office (801-399-8572).  We can verify the mailing address is correct as well as provide you with the necessary forms to file.

Q: My business moved out of Weber County. Do I need to notify the Assessor’s Office?

A: Yes. Please visit our website and complete an online business change form. You also have the option of printing the change form and mailing it to our office. Be sure to complete the change of address section.

Q: If the statement is not filed, how is my assessed value determined?

A: When a personal property signed statement is not returned, the assessor must estimate the taxpayer’s personal property value (see Personal Property Valuation Standards of Practice), then send a notice of the estimated taxes to the taxpayer. [Section 59-2-307(3)]


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