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What is Greenbelt?  Greenbelt is a way to allow qualifying agricultural properties to be valued on their production capability rather than its market value.  This method allows agricultural operations to remain economically viable when located in or around expanding urban areas.  The greenbelt value of the land is established by the State Farmland Advisory Committee, based on the production value of the classification.  The Assessor’s Office is responsible for sending, receiving and approving applications.  The Weber County Assessor’s Office is also tasked with providing the market value of the land.

Utah Code outlines the requirements for land to qualify for greenbelt are as follows:

  • A minimum of five contagious acres
  • Is actively devoted to agricultural use
  • Has been actively devoted to agricultural use for at least two successive years immediately preceding the current tax year
  • Meets a minimum production requirement

Please call our office at (801) 399-8572 with questions regarding the production requirements to qualify for greenbelt.