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Domestic Violence Domestic Violence includes behavior involving violence, threat of violence or conspiracy to commit a criminal offense when committed by one cohabitant against another.  A cohabitant is; an emancipated minor (under 18 and married) or a person 16 years or older and is or was a spouse of other party, is related by blood or marriage to other parties, resides or has resided with other party, or has a child in common with the other party, is the biological parent of the other’s unborn child.  Cohabitant does not include the relationship of parent to minor or relationship of minor siblings to each other.  Domestic Violence can include: assault/aggravated assault (includes assault against a pregnant female), homicide, harassment/telephone harassment, all kidnapping/unlawful detention, mayhem, sexual offenses, stalking, child abuse, property offenses, possession or threat of a dangerous weapon with intent to assault or scare the other person, discharge of a firearm, or protective order violation.

Domestic violence cases can either be felonies or misdemeanors. When deciding how to charge DV cases, the Weber County Attorney’s Office looks at a number of different factors including the nature and severity of the crime, the extent of injury to the victim, the involvement of any weapons, the criminal history of the people involved and, the use of any drug or alcohol, and other aggravating and mitigating factors.

Domestic Violence comes in a Variety of Forms:

Physical Violence: hitting, pushing, choking, scratching, pinching, restraining, slapping, pulling, hitting with weapons or objects, shooting, stabbing, damaging property, pets, or threatening to engage in such aggressive behavior.

Psychological Violence: Intense and repetitive degradation, creating isolation, or controlling the actions or behavior of another person through intimidation or manipulation.

Sexual Violence: Sexual harassment, limiting reproduction freedom, infliction of pain during sexual intimacy, or the use or threat of physical force to make a cohabitant perform a sexual act.

Emotional Violence: Undermining or attempting to undermine victim sense of worth example: constant criticism, belittling victim's abilities and competency, name-calling, insults, put-downs, silent treatment, manipulating victim's feelings and emotions to induce guilt, subverting a partner's relationship with the children, repeatedly making and breaking promises


Economic Violence: Making or attempting to make the victim financially dependent.  Maintaining total control over financial resources including victim's earned income or resources received through public assistance or social security, withholding money and/or access to money, forbidding attendance at school, forbidding employment, on-the-job harassment, requiring accountability and justification for all money spent, forced welfare fraud, withholding information about family running up bills for which the victim is responsible for payment.


Reporting Domestic Violence:
To file a police report, call your local law enforcement agency or call 911

Police Agencies:                     

Ogden Police Department 
2186 Lincoln Ave
Ogden UT 84401
North Ogden Police Department 
505 E 2600 N
North Ogden UT 84414

Roy Police Department
5051 S 1900 W
Roy UT 84067

Weber County Sherriff
721 12th Street 
Ogden UT 84401

South Ogden Police Department
3950 Adams Ave
Ogden UT 84403

Utah Highway Patrol
461 S Stewart Way
Ogden UT 84404

Harrisville Police Department
363 Independence Blvd
Ogden UT 84404

Riverdale Police Department
4580 Weber River Drive
Riverdale UT 84405

Pleasant View Police Department
520 Elberta Drive
Pleasant View UT 84414



3001 University Circle 
Ogden UT 84408


Protective Orders:
If a batterer is threatening you and/or your family, you may file for a protective order. For protective order assistance contact:
Utah State Courts self-help resources
Second District Court Protective Order Clerk at (801) 395-1079
Second District Court Protective Orders:

Domestic Violence Resources:
Utah Domestic Violence Information Line                  1-800-897-5465
Utah Legal Services                                                     801-328-8891, 800-662-4245
Office of Crime Victim Reparations                            801-238-2360
Victim Information & Notification Everyday (VINE)  877-884-8463
Victim Advocate/Assistance Programs            
Assistance Center                                            801-392-7273
Rape and Sexual Assault Ogden                                  801-392-7273
Weber County Attorney Victim/Witness                      801-399-8377
YCC Victim Advocate Program                                   801-394-9456
Utah Attorney General’s Office Victim Service                       801-281-1206
Utah State Department of Corrections Victim Services            801-545-5899
YWCA                                                                         801-537-8600
Utah Crime Victim Legal Clinic                                               801-721-8321