Weber Area Council of Governments
February 4th, 2013
4:30 PM
2380 Washington Blvd.
Commission Chambers
Ogden, UT 84401


Members in Attendance: Mayors Minster, Burrows, Clifford, Caldwell, Dickemore, Ritchie, Allen, Harris, Commissioners Zogmaister, Gibson, Bell

Others in Attendance: Mr. Logan Johnson, Ms. Laniece Davenport, Mr. Ben Wuthrich, Mr. Douglas Larsen, Mr. Bob Hunter, Ms. Laura Warburton,
Mr. Bart Blair, Mr. Mark Johnson, Mr. Jay Lowder, Mr. Justin Anderson,
Ms. Melissa Smith, Mr. Rob Scott

  1. Welcome – Mayor Clifford

  2. Pledge of Allegiance – Mayor Minster.
  4. Invocation – Mayor Dickemore

  5. Approval of Minutes from 12/3/2012 and 1/7/2013
  6. Action: Commissioner Zogmaister made a motion to approve the minutes from the 12/3/2012 and 1/7/2013 meetings. Commissioner Gibson seconded the motion.  All members voted in favor of approving the minutes.

    Motion: The action passed.

  7. Boundary Commission Appointment
  8. -Presenter: Mr. Rob Scott

    Mr. Rob Scott reviewed the memo regarding a vacancy of one of the elected municipal officers on the Weber County Boundary Commission. Mayor Richard Hendrix’s term expired on January 7, 2013. Boundary commissions are composed of seven members. Two members, who are elected municipal officers, are appointed by the Municipal Selection Committee comprised of the mayors within the county, two members, who are elected county officers, are appointed by the Weber County Commission, and three members are selected by the appointed members.

    Mayor Jenkins is the other municipal officer member and his term expires in January 2014. Terms are for four years and end or start on the first Monday in January. Mayor Burrows stated that he has spoken to Mayor Hendrix and he would like to continue to serve.

    Action: Mayor Bruce Burrows called for a motion to appoint Mayor Richard Hendrix to the Weber County Boundary Commission.  Mayor Joe Ritchie seconded the motion.  All mayors voted in favor of appointing Mayor Richard Hendrix to the Weber County Boundary Commission.  Commissioners Gibson, Zogmaister, and Bell abstained.

    Motion: The action passed.

  9. Public Comments
  10. -Mr. Wuthrich provided WACOG with a list of the Project Evaluation Concept Reports he had received by January 24th.  The reason for providing members of WACOG with this list is to enable them to verify that he has all the projects the WACOG members intended to submit.  Mr. Wuthrich then asked the members to review the list.

    -Commissioner Zogmaister gave a summary of the ski bus project and asked WACOG members to promote it within their communities.  Some ideas were to include an advertisement and in water bills and including a section about it in a newsletter.  (Ms. Smith sent the WAGOG members the press release regarding the bus on 2/5/13.)

    -Ms. Davenport introduced the Wasatch Front Economic Development District and presented the following. 


    Economic Development District Background


    -COG Appointed

    -Director Appointed

    -Director Appointed

    Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS)

    -Furthers coordination and cooperation efforts among existing economic activities
    -Outlines regional goals and objectives
    -Identifies strategic projects

    U.S. Economic Development Administration (EDA) Funding Programs

    Revitalize/expand/upgrade physical infrastructure for distressed communities

     Design and implement strategies to bring about change to an economy

    Promote regional innovation clus

     Help fill knowledge and information gaps

     Supports research of leading economic practices and information dissemination


    -$253 M was available in 2012 for national funding.

     Action: Mayor Burrows made a motion to act on Ms. Davenport’s presentation and write a letter of support.  Mayor Clifford seconded the motion.  All members voted in favor of supporting Ms. Davenport’s application.

    Motion: The action passed.

    -It was noted that the American Lands Council Presentation will be postponed until the March meeting. 

    -Mayor Burrows mentioned that the Ogden Raptors had invited the WACOG to a game later in the summer.  The council agreed they would like to attend.

    Action: Mayor Clifford made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Commissioner Bell seconded the motion.  All members voted in favor of the motion.

    Motion: The meeting was adjourned.