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                 Notice of a Regular Commission Meeting of the Board of County Commissioners of Weber County, Utah

 PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given that the Board of Commissioners of Weber County, Utah will hold a regular commission meeting in the Commission Chambers of the Weber Center, 2380 Washington Boulevard, Ogden, Utah, commencing at 1:00 p.m. on Tuesday, the 4th day of August 2015.


The agenda for the meeting consists of the following:


A.     Welcome – Commissioner Gibson

B.       Invocation

 C      Pledge of Allegiance – Sylvia Salisbury

D.       Thought of the Day – Commissioner Ebert


E.           Consent Items


              1.           Request for approval of purchase orders in the amount of $136,877.69.

              2.           Request for approval of warrants #323520-#323800 in the amount of


              3.           Request for approval of minutes for the meeting held on July 28, 2015.

              4.           Request from the Weber County Sheriff’s Office for approval to

                            surplus 10 Breathing Apparatus Boxes.

              5.           Request for approval of the ratification of a right of way contract by

                            and between Weber County and Anna Alfonsi for the 3500 West

                            transportation project.

F.           Action Items


            1.         Discussion and/or action on county wide mitigation plan.

                              Presenter: Lance Peterson

            2.         Request for approval of a moderation to the current

                        FY2015 Cooperative Law Enforcement Annual

                        Operating Plan and Financial Plan.         

                         Presenter: Sheriff Thompson


                3.           Request for approval of right of way contracts for 12th


                                   Property Resources, Parcel 115

                                   David & Julie Lehman, Parcel 111

                                   Rafter K Ranch, Parcel 146

                                   Rafter K Ranch, Parcels 137, 138, 139

                                   Presenter: Jared Andersen


             4.         Request for approval of right of way contract for

                         Skyline Drive:

                                   Jean Hamilton, Parcel 5

                               Presenter: Jared Andersen


              5.       Request for approval for Right of Way Contracts on

                        3500 West:

                                   Paul Ransom, Parcel 50

                                   Gary & Amy Ellis, Parcel 69

                               Presenter: Jared Anderson


               6.       Request for approval of a Contract Modification #1 to

                         update the rate schedule and testing process in     

                         the Construction Management contract for the 3500

                         West reconstruction contract.

                         Presenter: Jared Anderson

                7.      Request for approval of a contract by and between

                         Weber County and A-1 Abatement for the asbestos

                         removal from the home located at 2108 Combe Road.

                               Presenter: Jared Andersen

                 8.     Request for approval to declare Parcel #09-095-0011 as

                         surplus property.

                         Presenter: Nate Pierce

G.          Assign Pledge of Allegiance and Thought of the Day for Tuesday,

              August 11, 2015 at 10:00 a.m.


H.          Public Comments.    (Please limit comments to 3 minutes)


I.            Adjourn



The undersigned, duly appointed Administrative Coordinator in the County Commission Office does hereby certify that the above Notice and Agenda were posted as required by law this 3rd day of July 2015.



                                                                                                                                                          Shelly Halacy


In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, persons needing auxiliary services for these meetings should call the Weber County Commission Office at 801-399-8406 at least 24 hours prior to the meeting.

This meeting is streamed live.