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Responsibilities & Powers

The main function of the County Commission is to develop public policy, to adopt ordinances and regulations, and to establish a budgetary process to implement these policies.

Examples of policy and ordinances include:
  1. County Ordinance and/or Policy and Procedures which outline the organization of department, divisions, and offices (recommended by elected officials and department heads and amended/approved by the Commission).

  2. Administrative Procedures
    1. Incorporation of municipalities;
    2. buying and selling County property;
    3. purchasing procedures; and
    4. budget procedures.

  3. Planning and Zoning
    1. The County's Master Plan;
    2. Zoning, subdivisions, sign and mobile home ordinances.

  4. Other Types of Ordinances
    1. Animal Welfare and Control Ordinance;
    2. Business Licensing Ordinance;
    3. Landmarks Preservation Ordinance; and
    4. Urban Forestry Ordinance.

  5. Budget Items
    1. Adoption of annual budget;
    2. Budget openings and modification mid-year;
    3. Transfer of funds between departments, and
    4. Capital Improvements Budget.
In addition, the County Commission has oversight responsibilities for all County operations. Independent auditors are hired to conduct operational assessments and audits of the various departments and offices as part of the "checks and balances" of government. The Commission also has authority to pass resolutions to authorize the commission or other County officials to execute contracts, inter-local agreements with other jurisdictions, and memoranda of governance for bond documents.