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Update Log:

8-28-12 Roll-Out of new Geo Gizmo
8-31-12 Added Layer List
  Parcels Labels Layer seperate
  Survey Layers seperate
  More Geocode Results
  Election Layers - Plus Search By Precinct
  More Local Imagery 2003-2010
  Added Cadastral Parcel Layers
  Search By Subdivision
9-5-12 Added Ogden City Street Monuments to Survey Layeres
  Survey Layers Updated
9-19-12 Planning Layers, Engineering Layers
  Google Street View
  US Topo Basemap
  2012 Election Polling Locations
  Search Tool Results Sorting
  Search Tool disable auto-hide, better graphical selection
9-21-12 Added Recreation Layers
  Updated Parcel Basemap
10-29-12 Added 2012 HRO Imagery
12-12-12 Added 2000 B&W Imagery
  Added 1946 Upper Valley Imagery
  Added Zipcodes to Community Layers
  Tiled Parcel Basemap for Quicker Display
9-3-13 Upgraded Search Tool - Can now remove from current selection or add to selection set.
  Change to Google Street View as a pop-up now
  Added Interstate Mileposts
  Added Water District Boundaries
  Added 2013 Pictometry 9" Photography
  Added Quick Address Search Box