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Teenage pregnancy is linked to many health, social, and personal consequences for the young mothers, their children, and the community. Less than 40% of teen mothers receive a high school diploma and 25% of them go on welfare within three years of the child’s birth. Although Utah’s teen birth rates have been traditionally low, Downtown Ogden has the fourth highest teen birth rates in the state, almost 81 in every 1,000 girls between the ages of 15-19 give birth every year.  This rate is not only above the state average of 34 in 1,000 girls, it is almost double the national average of 42 in 1,000 girls. We strive to provide education, both abstinence and contraceptive, to all youth and parents in Weber and Morgan counties. To reach this goal we offer many one-time presentations to junior high schools, high schools and community agencies that work with youth and young adults aged 13-19 or parents of youth.

 Topics covered include, but are not limited to:                 

  • Goal settingDecision making
  • STD/HIV education*
  • Consequences of teen pregnancy*
  • Contraception education*
  • Communication and refusal skills
  • Dealing with peer pressureAlcohol use and it’s dangers
  • Healthy/unhealthy/abusive relationships
  • Puberty and reproduction*
  • Media literacy and staying safe on the internet
  • Teen-age brain development

All presentations are interactive, age appropriate, medically accurate, and can be tailored to the specific needs of the teacher or agency. For more information, or to schedule a presentation, please contact Kylee Stout at 801-399-7197 or Ellen Seely at 801-399-7196.

*Youth under the age of 18 must receive parental consent before receiving these presentations