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Food Safety enforcement actions will be available for online viewing of enforcement actions conducted after January 1, 2007. Enforcement action is commenced after one of the following conditions exists in a food establishment:

  • Closures;
  • Repeat Critical Item violations;

  • Existence of one or more Critical violations and food establishment personnel cannot demonstrate knowledge in food safety;

  • Cumulative code violations that are not corrected in the time frame allowed;

  • Presence of a significant risk to public health, such as:

    • Fire

    • Flood

    • Extended interruptions of electrical, water utilities

    • Sewage backup

    • Misuse of toxic materials

    • Onset of an apparent food-borne illness outbreak

    • Gross unsanitary conditions

    • Or other circumstances that may endanger public health.


These food establishments are currently under enforcement action. Food establishment remain posted until the cause for the enforcement action has been corrected and verified by the Health Department.