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The Gold Medal Schools program (GMS) was developed by the Utah Department of Health in 2001 to address overweight and obesity in elementary schools.  GMS is a state-wide program that makes it possible for elementary schools to provide physical activity and healthy nutrition choices at a time when budget cuts and testing requirements overshadow the need for a healthy school environment.  GMS improves students’ academic success as well as their physical health through policies and environmental changes that support good nutrition, physical activity, and staying tobacco-free.  Best of all, schools receive financial incentives for participating in the program.

Is your school a Gold Medal School?  For a list of Gold Medal Schools throughout the state and the level they accomplished for the 08-09 school year, click here.

If your school is not on the list, and you’d like more information on how your school can become a Gold Medal School, contact Rochelle at (801) 399-7187.  If you’re a principal who would like to bring the program into your school, you can apply online.

For general information on the Gold Medal Schools program, please visit


GMS Power-Up:

GMS Power-Up is a Jr. High/Middle school version of Gold Medal Schools.  As with the elementary program GMS Power-Up works to improve schools’ health environments through policies and environmental changes that support a healthy lifestyle.  The program was piloted in the 07-08 school year, and opened up to all schools in the 08-09 school year.

Weber and Morgan Counties currently have two schools participating in GMS Power-Up.

  • South Ogden Jr. High – completed the Silver level for 08-09

  • Sandridge Jr. High – completed the Bronze level for 08-09


Congratulations to our Power-Up schools for achieving their levels this year!

If you’d like more information on GMS Power-Up, please visit

If you’d like more information on how your school can become a GMS Power-Up school, contact Rochelle at (801) 399-7187.