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“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

                                                                           – Benjamin Franklin

Mission: The division of health promotion strives to improve the health, wellbeing and quality of life of all community members by focusing on healthy lifestyles and disease prevention. 

What is a Health Educator? 

A health educator works to improve the health of people in the community by assisting them to make healthy lifestyle choices and changes to every day environments that support and enhance overall health.  Rather than focus on treating existing problems, Health Educators work to prevent problems from occurring. 

Health Promotion Contacts
Bryce Sherwood 801-399-7195
Suzanne Clifford 801-399-7193
Healthy Living
Jesse Bush 801-399-7283
Melissa Stenquist 801-399-7187
Megan Passey 801-399-7192
Peter Stoker, Bi-lingual (French) 801-399-7188
Tobacco Prevention and Control
Kristi Jones, Compliance Officer 801-399-7184
Abigail Weymouth, Bi-lingual (Spanish) 801-399-7105
Lori Greene 801-399-7189
Mandy Webb, Bi-lingual (Spanish) 801-399-7182
Injury Prevention
Jann Fawcett 801-399-7186
Teen Pregnancy Prevention
Kylee Stout 801-399-7197
Ellen Seely 801-399-7196