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Immigration Exams

What we offer: A two-part medical examination required for all individuals applying for admission and citizenship in the United States. A medical examination is one means of evaluating the overall health of immigrants or aliens applying for adjustment of status to a permanent U.S. resident. The exams include blood work, vaccinations, history and physical, and sometimes radiological services and a second appointment with a Civil Surgeon, a licensed doctor who is certified to provide immigration physicals within the United States. These tests can take up to 2 weeks to process and require two appointments to complete.

To make an appointment: Call 801-399-7250.

Cost: $200 for people age 14 and older, $170 for children age 14 and under. We do not have the ability to insurance. Payment is due at the time of the first appointment and is non-refundable if the client does not return for the second appointment. There is a $75 charge to reschedule the second appointment.