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Childhood Immunizations: Monday - Friday, by appointment. Cost $15.00 per shot for all required childhood immunizations through the Vaccine For Children program. Children who have insurance do not qualify for the Vaccine For Children Program. We are able to bill most insurance companies. For more information, call 801-399-7252.

Recommended Childhood Immunization Schedule

Adult Immunizations: Monday - Friday, by appointment.

Recommended Adult Immunization Schedule

Travel Vaccines: Monday - Friday, by appointment. Limited to residents of Weber or Morgan Counties. Please bring in proof of residency i.e. driver's license.

Immunization Exemption Forms: Call (801) 399-7252 to schedule an appointment. Cost is $15.

Immunization Yellow Card: Cost is $5.

Copies of Medical Records: Cost is $2.

For a list of vaccines and prices, click here.

Special Section: Newspaper in Education: Immunization puzzles, games and information for kids.