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Avoid touching bats to prevent rabies exposure
Safe Kids Day slated for Ogden Eccles Dinosaur Park
Weber-Morgan Health Department working to quell Pertussis outbreak
Salt Lake native Brian Bennion named new WMHD Health Officer
It is not uncommon to find bats throughout Weber and Morgan Counties. Most of the time bats keep to themselves only coming out at night.
Jackson Carter, Utah’s “Biggest Loser” Finalist Joins the Fun at Safe Kids Day Fair in Ogden
Nicotine Anonymous Meetings Begin in Ogden
Ogden-area resident named Utah Public Health Hero
Breastfeeding classes offer help to new moms
WMHD Announces Confirmed Case of Novel Influenza
Living Well with Chronic Conditions
WMHD announces plans for H1N1 mass clinic sites
West Nile Virus Arrives in Weber-Morgan Area
Rabid Bat Found in Weber County, Two Youngsters Begin Treatment
WMHD teams with Immunization Express in Morgan
Weber-Morgan Health Department Extends Clinic and Records Office Hours
West Nile Virus Strikes Ogden Valley Horse
Candy in the Classroom Hinders Gold Medal Schools
Health Department Cautions Drivers on Switching to Natural Gas
Fruit and Veggies Matter to Young Recipe Winners
Chickenpox reported at Ogden school
Radon-Test Kits Available to Weber and Morgan Residents
Weber-Morgan Health Department offers talking points for parents on teen pregnancy
WMHD Offers 10-Week Adult Smoking-Cessation
Free Lead Testing at the Fairgrounds
Survey Shows Community Support For Abstinence Education
South Ogden Junior High Battles Adolescent Obesity
Survey Shows Fair Patrons Favor Smoking Ban