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6-1 Purpose and Intent

The purpose of the A-2 Zone is to designate farming areas where agricultural pursuits and the rural environment should be promoted and preserved.

6-1A Agriculture Preferred Use

Agriculture is the preferred use in Agriculture Zone A-2. All agricultural operations shall be permitted at any time, including the operation of farm machinery and no agricultural use shall be subject to restriction because it interferes with other uses permitted in the zone.

6-2 Permitted Uses

  1. Accessory building or use customarily incidental to any permitted or conditional use
  2. Agriculture, agricultural experiment station; apiary; aviary; aquarium
  3. Animals or fowl kept for family food production as an accessory use
  4. Cemetery; chinchilla raising, convalescent or rest home
  5. Church, synagogue or similar building used for regular religious worship
  6. Cluster subdivision in accordance with Chapter 22B of this Zoning Ordinance
  7. Corral, stable or building for keeping animals or fowl, provided such structure shall be located not less than one hundred (100) feet from a public street and not less than twenty-five (25) feet from any rear or side lot line
  8. Fruit or vegetable stand for produce grown on the premises only
  9. Golf course, except miniature golf course
  10. Greenhouse and nursery limited to sale of materials produced on premises and with no retail shop operation
  11. Home occupations
  12. Household pets
  13. Parking lot accessory to uses allowed in this zone
  14. Private park, playground or recreation area, but not including privately owned commercial amusement business
  15. Private stables, horses for private use only and provided that not more than two (2) horses may be kept for each one-half (1/2) acre within any lot
  16. Public building; public park, recreation grounds and associated buildings; public school; private education institution having a curriculum similar to that ordinarily given in public schools Weber County Zoning Ordinance Page 6-2
  17. Single family dwelling
  18. Sugar beet loading or collection station and dump sites
  19. Temporary buildings for use incidental to construction work. Such building shall be removed upon completion or abandonment of the construction work

6-3 Permitted Uses Requiring Five (5) Ares Minimum Lot Area

  1. Dairy farm and milk processing and sale provided at least fifty (50) percent of milk processed and sold is produced on the premises
  2. Farms devoted to the hatching, raising (including fattening as an incident to raising) of chickens, turkeys, or other fowl, rabbits, fish, frogs or beaver
  3. Fur farm
  4. Golf driving range
  5. Grain storage elevators
  6. The keeping and raising of not more than ten (10) hogs more than sixteen (16) weeks old, provided that no person shall feed any such hog any market refuse, house refuse, garbage or offal other than that produced on the premises
  7. Public stables
  8. The raising and grazing of horses, cattle, sheep or goats as part of a farming operation including the supplementary or full feeding of such animals provided that such raising and grazing when conducted by a farmer in conjunction with any livestock feed yard, livestock sales or slaughter house shall:
    1. not exceed a density of forty (40) head per acre of used and;
    2. be carried on during the period of September 15 through April 15 only;
    3. be not closer than two hundred (200) feet to any dwelling, public or semi-public building on an adjoining parcel of land; and,
    4. not include the erection of any permanent fences, corrals, chutes, structures or other buildings normally associated with a feeding operation
  9. The use of farm equipment by a farm operator for off-farm contracting work to supplement farm income

6-4 Conditional Uses

The following uses shall be permitted only when authorized by a Conditional Use Permit obtained as provided in Chapter 22C of this Zoning Ordinance.

  1. Airports, private and commercial
  2. Animal hospital or clinic; dog breeding, dog kennels, or dog training school, on a minimum of two acres and not exceeding l0 dogs of more than l0 weeks old, per acre, at any time; provided any building or enclosure for animals shall be located not less than one hundred (l00) feet from a public street and not less than fifty (50) feet from any side or rear property line 30-85
  3. Child day care 97-8
  4. Circus or transient amusement
  5. Commercial campgrounds and picnic areas meeting the requirements of the Forest Campground Ordinance of Weber County
  6. Correctional institution
  7. Educational/Institutional Identification Sign 20-94, 30-94
  8. Gun Club; Greenhouse and Nursery limited to the sale of plants, landscaping materials, fertilizer, pesticide and insecticide products, tools for garden and lawn care and the growing and sale of sod 11-77
  9. Horse racing and training track, cutter racing track, including indoor concessions as an accessory use
  10. Mines, quarries, gravel pits in accordance with Weber County Excavation and Clean Fill Ordinance
  11. Outdoor recreation club activities for horse riding, bow and arrow shooting, snowmobiling, etc.
  12. Planned Residential Unit Development in accordance with Chapter 22C of this Zoning Ordinance 3-72
  13. Private park, playground or recreation area not open to the general public and to which no admission charge is made, but not including privately owned commercial business
  14. Private Equestrian Training and Stable facilities on a minimum of 5 acres of land and at a density of not more than 10 horses per acre 7-81
  15. Public storage facilities developed by a public agency and meeting requirements of Chapter 26 of this Zoning Ordinance
  16. Public Utility Substations 96-42
  17. Radio or television station or tower
  18. Raising and slaughtering of rabbits limited to a maximum of five hundred (500) rabbits at any one time
  19. Residential Facilities for Handicapped Persons meeting the requirements of Chapter 23-26 of this Ordinance l6-86
  20. Residential Facility for Elderly Persons meeting the requirements of Chapter 23-28 of this Ordinance 12-91
  21. Rodeo grounds
  22. School bus-parking, provided the vehicle is parked at least 30 feet from a public street 18-84
  23. Skeet shooting range; sanitariums
  24. Slaughtering, dressing and marketing on a commercial scale of chickens, turkeys or other fowl, rabbits, fish, frogs or beaver in conjunction with the hatching and raising of such animals on farms having a minimum area of five (5) acres
  25. The overnight parking of not more than one vehicle other than an automobile, light truck or recreation vehicle, of not more than twenty-four thousand (24,000) pounds net weight, on property of not less than two acres in area and upon which the operator has his permanent residence provided that the vehicle is parked at least fifty feet from a public street 18-84
  26. The storage and use of light construction equipment such as a backhoe, front end loader or up to a ten wheel truck for off-premise contract work by the owner resident of property of not less than five acres in area 18-84
  27. Turf horse jumping course
  28. Waste water treatment or disposal facilities meeting the requirements of the Utah State Division of Health Code of Waste Disposal Regulations 16-72
  29. Residential facility for troubled youth subject to the requirements listed in Chapter 23-27 6-92
  30. Commercial soil composting, manufacture, and sales on a minimum of 10 acres 18-94
  31. Laboratory facility for agricultural products and soils testing

6-5 Site Development Standards

Zone A-2
Minimum lot area
  Single family dwelling 40,000 ft2
  Uses listed in 6-2 & 6-4 2 acres
  Uses listed in 6-3 5 acres
Minimum lot width
  Uses listed in 6-2 & 6-4 150 ft
  Uses listed in 6-3 300 ft
Minimum yard setbacks
  a. Front 30 ft
  b. Side
     i. Dwelling 10 ft[1]
     ii. Other main building 20 ft each side
     iii. Accessory building 10 ft[2]
     iv. Accessory building > 1,000 ft2 [3]
  c. Side (facing street on corner lot) 20 ft
  d. Rear
     i. Main building 30 ft
     ii. Accessory building 1 ft[4]
Main building height
  a. Minimum one story
  b. Maximum 35 ft
Accessory building height 25 ft[5]
  1. 10 ft with total width of two side yards not less than 24 ft.
  2. 10 ft except 1 foot if located at least 6 ft in rear of main building.
  3. For storage of personal equipment and materials see chapter 23-29.
  4. 1 foot except 10 feet where accessory building rears on side yard of adjacent corner lot.
  5. 25 ft unless meeting requirements of Chapter 23-29, Large Accessory Buildings.

6-6 Permitted Signs

The height, size and location of the following permitted signs shall be in accordance with the regulations set forth in Chapter 32 of this Zoning Ordinance.

  1. Business Signs - for legal nonconforming commercial or industrial use including flat, freestanding, projecting, temporary or wall type signs
  2. Name Plates - flat or wall type
  3. Identification and Information Signs - directional, flat, freestanding, projecting, temporary or wall type signs
  4. Property Sign - directional, flat, freestanding, projecting, temporary or wall type signs
  5. Service Signs - directional, flat, freestanding or projecting type signs
  6. Off Premise Sign, Advertising - directional flat, freestanding, projecting, roof or wall type signs

Blue Explanation Point.png The Agricultural Zone A-2 has been re-formatted from the original for Internet accessibility, and may contain inadvertent errors and/or omissions. It is provided as a public convenience, for informational purposes only. Official Weber County Code Ordinances, in their original format, are available through the Office of the County Clerk/Auditor and at the County Library Branches.


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