Airport Zones and Height Regulations

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27-1 Height Limits

Except as otherwise provided in this Ordinance, no structures or natural growth shall be erected, altered, allowed to grow, or maintained in the height limiting zones hereinafter described to a height in excess of the height specified therefore or established for such zone or any point therein. For the purpose of this regulation, the following height limits are established, by elevation in feet above mean sea level, for each of the height limiting zones in question:

Ogden Municipal Airport, Weber County

Horizontal Surface Zone 4,574 feet
Approach Surface Zone 4,424 to 4,624 feet
Transitional Surface Zone 4,424 to 4,924 feet
Conical Surface Zone 4,574 to 4,924 feet
Turning Zone 4,924 feet

Hill Air Force Base, Davis County

Horizontal Surface Zone 4,938 feet
Approach Surface Zone 4,758 to 4,988 feet
Transitional Surface Zone 4,758 to 5,288 feet
Conical Surface Zone 4,938 to 5,288 feet
Turning Zone 5,288 feet

27-2 Use Restrictions

  1. Notwithstanding any other provisions of this Ordinance, no use shall be made of land within any of the districts or zones listed in Chapter 2 in such a manner as to create electrical interference with radio or other electronic communication between the airport and aircraft; make it difficult for flyers to distinguish between airport lights and others; result in glare in the eyes of flyers using the airport; impair visibility in the vicinity of the airport; or other wise endanger the landing, taking off, or maneuvering of aircraft.
  1. Notwithstanding any other provisions of this Ordinance, no places of public assembly, including, but without limitation, schools, churches, hospitals, barracks, multiple-dwellings, apartment housing, trailer camps and theaters, shall be erected or otherwise located within any of the areas established as an Approach Zone by this Ordinance for a distance of 11,000 feet from the end of the runway.

27-3 Hazard Marking and Lighting

Any permit or variance granted under Chapter 29, if such action is considered advisable to effectuate the purposes of this Ordinance and reasonable in the circumstances, shall be so conditioned as to require the owner of the structure or natural growth in question to permit Ogden Municipal Airport or Hill Air Force Base, at its own expense, to install, operate, and maintain thereon such markers and lights as may be necessary to indicate to flyers the presence of an airport.

27-4 Most Restrictive Limitation Prevails

Where an area is covered by more than one (1) height limitation, the more restrictive limitation shall prevail.

27-5 Airport Master Plan Provisions

Airport height provisions for any airport shall be determined by and based on an Airport Master Plan for such airport, approved by the proper airport officials and/or by the Civil Aeronautics Administration, and recorded in the office of the County Recorder of Weber County. Any such map so approved and recorded at the time of passage of this Ordinance shall be deemed to be as much a part of this Ordinance by this reference as if fully described and detailed herein but any amendment to such Airport Master Plan shall become effective only after amendment to this Ordinance as provided by law.

Blue Explanation Point.png The Airport Zones and Height Regulations has been re-formatted from the original for Internet accessibility, and may contain inadvertent errors and/or omissions. It is provided as a public convenience, for informational purposes only. Official Weber County Code Ordinances, in their original format, are available through the Office of the County Clerk/Auditor and at the County Library Branches.
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