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Blue Explanation Point.png The Building Moratorium Below 4215 has been re-formatted from the original for Internet accessibility, and may contain inadvertent errors and/or omissions. It is provided as a public convenience, for informational purposes only. Official Weber County Code Ordinances, in their original format, are available through the Office of the County Clerk/Auditor and at the County Library Branches.
Yellow Explanation Point.png This ordinance refers to the National Geodetic Vertical Datum of 1929 (NGVD29). This ordinance was put into place prior to the North American Vertical Datum of 1988 (NAVD83).

Building Moratorium Below 4215 Feet

Policy of Weber County

It is herby declared to be the policy of the Weber County Commission that the following resolution shall apply to all construction in Weber County below the elevation of 4215 feet above sea level.
  1. All land under elevation 4218 shall be subject to review by the Planning Commission before a land use or building permit is issued to check the following requirements and restrictions.
  2. Absolute Requirements for Building.
    1. No building shall take place on land which does not have at least 20,000 square feet on contiguous land area at 4215 finished land elevation or above.
    2. Lowest habitable finished floor of any building or structure shall be at elevation 4216 or higher.
    3. A septic tank drain field shall be at least 2 feet above the highest anticipated ground water level and the finished grade of ground surface shall be at least 4 feet above the anticipated high ground water level fo which 3 feet must be native soil.
    4. No basements shall be permitted.
    5. Lowest part of building footings shall be at least 2 feet above the highest anticipated ground water level.
    6. If using private culinary water well of less that 200 feet deep, the well shall be grouted for depth of at least 18 feet below the ground surface and the top of the well casing must be above the 4216 elevation.
    7. These restrictions shall apply to all residential, industrial and commercial structures but not to agricultural buildings.
    8. Street and private access to a building lot must also be above 4215 elevation.
  1. The above building restrictions are based upon (1986) present lake level of 4212 feet plus consideration of a 3 feet wave action. As the Lake level rises above its present level, then the absolute elevation in the above building restriction must also correspondingly increase.

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