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Elk Run Commercial Phase 1
Application Information
Application Request: CSP #02-07
Agenda Date: Tuesday, April 22, 2008
Applicant: David Spee
File Number: CSP #02-07
Land Information
Approximate Address: 2640 N Hwy 162 Eden, Utah
Project Area: 3.59 Acres
Zoning: CV-2
Existing Land Use: Residential
Proposed Land Use: Commercial
Parcel ID: 22-046-0074
Township, Range,
7N1E sec 34
Map Links: Available 3rd Party Maps of General Area
Staff Information
Report Presenter: Ben
Report Reviewer: SW
Adjacent Land Use
South: Commercial
North: Residential
East: Residential
West: Commercial


Site Plan

Applicable Ordinances

  • This Development conforms to the General Plan by meeting the requirements of the CV-2 Zone, and the Ogden Valley Architectural, Landscape and Screening Design Standards.
  • Phase 1 will have 46 parking stalls which exceeds the required 35 per Chapter 24 Parking of the Zoning Ordinance.
  • The monument sign in front and all other signs will comply with Chapter 32B Ogden Valley Sign Ordinance.
  • All exterior lighting will conform to the Chapter 39 Ogden Valley Lighting Ordinance.


On May 23, 2006 Weber County issued Ordinance 2006-12 which rezoned parcel # 22-046-0074 from AV-3 to CV-2. Weber County and the applicant entered into a Zoning Agreement which essentially states that the purpose for the rezone was for providing Professional Office and Retail Lease Space.

The applicant is requesting design review approval of Elk Run Commercial. This development lies within the CV-2 Zone. This development will have access along Hwy 162 and consist of 3.59 acres. This site is designed for 2 phases. The first phase will have 6 leased spaces which will be a combined 7,000 Sq Ft of Office/ Retail space.

This site will provide a roof line with varying heights in order to break up the appearance and not become a monotonous horizontal line greater than fifty (50) ft. Sections will have a shed roofline to go along with the Ogden Valley’s rural atmosphere. For the exterior, entries have canopy roofs with timber supports and metal rod ties. Some entries will have stone veneer pillars in front. With the new design, the tower was eliminated to be replaced with similar features of the building. The west side (Street View) has changed significantly with the addition of a window. The main building will still have a board and batten fiber cement siding in some sections. Another major alteration is the addition of field stone veneer to the main portions of the building. Split and honed faced CMU block will still exist for remaining portions. All finish colors will be earth tones of grays and browns.

Staff once again suggests, as was agreed upon in the prior Planning Commission meeting, that there will be consideration of a change in the site design layout for phase 2. Staff suggests that adjustments be made to the parking lot design, to the adjacent property to the south in order to allow for traffic connectivity. So that as commercial lots in the Little Bear Subdivision develop, traffic would be allowed to flow from this parking area to other future parking areas and access easements. This would help ease the need to access highway 162 for all ingresses and egresses.

Staff continues to suggest that a ten foot strip of land be granted to Weber County for road and trail dedication. Additionally Staff suggests the Planning Commission recommend, per Chapter 24-11, a deferral of Curb, Gutter and Sidewalk along the properties portion of Highway 162 until such time that it is called upon per the County Engineer.

Summary of Planning Commission Considerations

Approve or Deny the Commercial Site Plan as it is applicable to Zoning Ordinances.

Conformance to the General Plan

This Commercial Site Plan conforms to the General Plan by meeting the requirements of the CV-2 Zone, and the Ogden Valley Architectural, Landscape and Screening Design Standards.

Conditions of Approval

  1. Requirements and recommendations of the Weber County Engineers Office.
  2. Requirements and recommendations of the Weber Fire District.
  3. Requirements and recommendations of the Weber County Health Department.
  4. Requirements and recommendations of the Weber County Surveyor’s Office.
  5. Requirements and recommendations of the culinary water provider.

Staff Recommendation

Staff recommends approval of the Commercial Site Plan Design Review subject to staff and other agency comments, recommendations and requirements.

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