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Edgewater Beach Resort PRUD Phase 2
Application Information
Application Request: Request to amend the site plan for the Edgewater Beach Resort P.R.U.D. by adding a garage with four parking Areas in Phase 2
Agenda Date: Tuesday, May 27, 2008
Applicant: Ron Catanzaro
File Number: CUP 12-03
Land Information
Approximate Address: 6350 E. Highway 39
Project Area: 1.048 acres
Zoning: Commercial Valley Resort Recreation (CVR-1 Zone)
Existing Land Use: Residential
Proposed Land Use: Residential
Parcel ID: 20-013-0008
Township, Range,
T6N, R1E, SW ΒΌ of Section 13
Map Links: Available 3rd Party Maps of General Area
Staff Information
Report Presenter: Sean
Report Reviewer: JG
Adjacent Land Use
South: Residential
North: Reservoir
East: Residential
West: Agriculture


Applicable Ordinances

  • Chapter 9-C (CVR-1 Zone)
  • Chapter 18-C (Architectural, Landscape, and Screening Design Standards)
  • Chapter 22-C (Conditional Uses)
  • Chapter 22-D (Planned Residential unit Development P.R.U.D.)


The Edgewater Beach Resort PRUD (CUP 12-03) was approved by the County Commission on September 21, 2004. Phase 2 was approved without any underground or covered parking and the petitioner now desires to amend the approved site plan by adding four covered parking areas in a garage. A garage of approximately the same size was approved for Phase 1 of this PRUD on January 15, 2008 by the County Commission.

Garage Location and Design
The proposed garage will be located southwest of the 4-plex building in Phase 2 and will meet the 50 foot setback from the west property line. The structure is 11 feet tall, contains approximately 1,300 square feet (26 X 49), and resembles the 4-plex building in color and building materials. The materials including wood, stone, and hardi-board and the color scheme meet the requirements of Chapter 18-C of the Zoning Ordinance.
Parking Changes
The parking area for the 4-plex building will be moved directly in front of the building adjacent to the garage, and the previous parking area will be used as an access to the garage and new parking area. One additional uncovered parking stall will be provided.
Landscaping Changes
The remainder of the site plan for the PRUD will remain the same as it is currently approved except for a slight amendment to the landscape plan. Two trees will be relocated and additional landscaping will be provided to act as a buffer for the garage.
Staff Analysis
After reviewing this site plan amendment staff has determined that the requirements of applicable zoning ordinances have been met in the following ways:
  • The architectural design and color scheme of the garage meet the requirements of Chapter 18-C
  • Condominiums are allowed in the CVR-1 Zone, as are accessory uses such as a garage
  • The process of amending a PRUD site plan as described in Chapter 22-D is being followed
  • The amendment is minor and does not adversely affect compliance with the requirements listed under Basis for Issuance of a Conditional Use Permit

Summary of Planning Commission Considerations

A PRUD is a conditional use in the CVR-1 Zone and, therefore, must meet the requirements listed below under Basis for Issuance of Conditional Use Permit. It was determined that these requirements had been met for the Edgewater Beach PRUD when it was approved in 2004. The Planning Commission needs to determine if the amendment to the Edgewater Beach site plan still meets these requirements.

Basis for Issuance of Conditional Use Permit: The Planning Commission shall not authorize a Conditional Use Permit unless evidence is presented to establish:

  1. That the proposed use of the particular location is necessary or desirable to provide a service or facility which will contribute to the general well being of the community; and
  2. That such use will not, under the circumstances of the particular case and the conditions imposed, be detrimental to the health, safety and general welfare of persons nor injurious to property or improvements in the community, but will be compatible with and complimentary to the existing surrounding uses, buildings and structures when considering traffic generation, parking, building design and location, landscaping and signs; and
  3. That the proposed use will comply with the regulations and conditions specified in this Ordinance for such use; and
  4. That the proposed use conforms to the goals, policies and governing principles and land use of the General Plan for Weber County; and
  5. That the proposed use will not lead to the deterioration of the environment or ecology of the general area, nor will produce conditions or emit pollutants of such a type or of such a quantity so as to detrimentally effect, to any appreciable degree, public and private properties including the operation of existing uses thereon, in the immediate vicinity of the community or area as a whole.

Conformance to the General Plan

This amendment to the Edgewater Beach Resort site plan conforms to the General Plan by:

  • Meeting the requirements of a P.R.U.D. as described in Chapter 22D-4
  • Meeting the requirements of Chapter 18-C of the Weber County Zoning Ordinance.
  • Meeting the criteria listed in Chapter 22C-5 under Basis for Issuance of Conditional Use Permit
  • Meeting the requirements of the CVR-1 Zone

Conditions of Approval

  • Requirements and recommendations of the Weber County Engineers Office.
  • Requirements and recommendations of the Weber Fire District.
  • Requirements and recommendations of Weber County Building Inspection.
  • All conditions of the current P.R.U.D. approval remain the same.

Staff Recommendation

Staff recommends that the Planning Commission recommend to the County Commission approval of the request to amend the site plan for the Edgewater Beach Resort P.R.U.D. by adding a garage with 4 parking areas in Phase 2, subject to staff and other agency requirements and recommendations.

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