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18-B1 Purpose and Intent

The purpose of the CV-1 and CV-2 zones is to provide suitable areas for the location of the various types of commercial activity needed to serve the people and commerce of the Ogden Valley in unincorporated Weber County. It is also to separate, into two commercial zones, uses based upon the type of activity which are compatible and complementary, as well as the intensity of land utilization and accessory use needs.

The CV-1 Zone (Neighborhood Commercial) has been established for the purpose of providing shopping facilities and services within neighborhoods in the Ogden Valley, primarily for the convenience of people living in a neighborhood. The types of goods and services which may be offered for sale have been limited to "convenience goods" such as groceries, drugs, and personal services such as a barber and beauty shop, distinguished by the fact that the principal patronage of the establishments originates within the surrounding neighborhood. Consequently, other uses such as automobile sales, furniture, and other stores, in which the principal patronage originates outside the surrounding neighborhood, have been excluded from the CV-1 zone. The maximum size of a CV-1 zone node shall be approximately five (5) acres exclusive of minimum lot widths and areas.

The CV-2 Zone (General Commercial) has been established for the purpose of providing a broad range of commercial services and goods to serve a larger region of the county like the Ogden Valley. Areas with CV-2 zoning have a principal patronage which originates throughout the Ogden Valley or is due to recreation in the Ogden Valley. CV-2 areas are to be a commercial hub or node of activity. These areas, as outlined in the General Plan, are to be near the traditional town centers of the Ogden Valley and not to be strung out along the highways. Uses in the CV-2 Zone may provide goods and services not typically found amongst commercial areas within resorts including automobile sales and service, sporting goods, service stations, hotels, and professional offices.

18-B2 Site Development Standards

Zone CV-1 CV-2
Minimum lot area none none
Minimum lot width none none
Minimum yard setbacks
  a. Front 20 ft[1] 20 ft[1]
  b. Side none[2] none[2]
  c. Side (facing street on corner lot) 20 ft[3] 20 ft[3]
  d. Rear none[4] none[4]
Building Height
  a. Minimum one story one story
  b. Maximum 35 ft 35 ft[5]
Maximum Lot Coverage 60% of lot area by buildings or accessory buildings.
  1. 1.0 1.1 20 ft, unless the requirements listed in (B-4) Special Regulations number 3 are met.
  2. 2.0 2.1 None, except 10 feet where a building is adjacent to a forest, agricultural, or residential zone boundary. .
  3. 3.0 3.1 20 ft, unless the requirements listed in (B-4) Special Regulations number 3 are met.
  4. 4.0 4.1 None, except 10 feet where a building is adjacent to a forest, agricultural, or residential boundary.
  5. 35 ft.

18-B3 Sign Regulations

The height, size, and location of the permitted sign types shall be in accordance with the regulations set forth in Chapter 32B, Ogden Valley Signs, of this Ordinance

18-B4 Special Regulations

  1. Hereinafter specified permitted and conditional uses shall be allowed only when the following conditions are complied with:
All manufacturing uses shall be done within a completely enclosed building in an effort to mitigate objectionable nuisances such as odor, dust, smoke, noise, heat, or vibration.
  1. A car wash shall be allowed subject to the following restrictions:
    1. Operation or use shall limited to the hours between 6:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. in CV-1 zone.
    2. There shall not be more than four washing bays for a manual spray car wash in CV-1 zone.
    3. In both the CV-1 and CV-2 zones the off-street vehicle spaces or queues required shall be as follows:
      1. One bay car wash, four spaces in the approach lane
      2. Two bay car wash, three spaces in the approach lane for each wash bay
      3. Three or more bay car wash, two spaces in the approach lane for each wash bay
  1. A Complete Street is a transportation facility that is planned, designed, operated, and maintained to provide safe mobility for all users including bicyclists, pedestrians, transit vehicles, and motorists, appropriate to the function and context of the facility.

A complete street design is required when the front setback is less than 20 feet, and may include a 10 foot pathway, pedestrian lights, shade trees, clear view of intersection, and safe street crossings for pedestrians. The design is to be approved by the Planning Commission.

18-B5 Uses

In the following list of possible uses, those designated in any zone as "P" will be a permitted use. Uses designated as "C" will be allowed only when authorized by a conditional use permit obtained as provided in Chapter 22C of this Zoning Ordinance. Uses designated "N" shall not be allowed in that zone.

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CV-1 CV-2 Use
C P Academies/studios for dance, art, sports, etc.
P P Accessory buildings and uses customarily incidental to a permitted use
N C Animal hospital
N P Antique, import or souvenir shop
N P Archery shop and range, provided it is conducted within an enclosed building
P P Art and artists gallery or supply store
P P Assisted living facility including convalescent or rest home
N P Athletic, recreational equipment, and sporting goods sales/ rentals, excluding sale or repair of motor vehicles, motor boats or motors
N C Auction establishment
N C Automobile repair including paint, body and fender, brake, muffler, upholstery, or transmission work provided it is conducted within an enclosed building
N C Automobile, new or used sales/service
N P Awning sales and service


CV-1 CV-2 Use
C P Bakery
P P Bank or financial institution not including payday loan services
P P Barber shop
P P Beauty shop
P P Bed and Breakfast Dwelling
N P Bed and Breakfast Inn
N C Bed and Breakfast Hotel
N P Brewery, micro in conjunction with a restaurant
P P Bicycle sales and service
N C Billiard parlor
N C Boarding house
N C Boat sales and service
N C Boat and personal water craft rentals as an accessory use to Boat sales and service
P P Book store, retail
N C Bowling alley
P P Business Office
C P Butcher shop, excluding slaughtering


CV-1 CV-2 Use
P P Cafe
P P Camera store
P P Candy store, confectionery
N P Car rental agency
N C Car wash, automatic
C P Car wash, manual spray
C P Catering establishment
P P Church
P P Clinics, medical or dental
N P Clothing and accessory store
N P Communication equipment building
C P Convenience Store
N P Costume rental


CV-1 CV-2 Use
N P Data processing service and supplies
C P Day Care Center 2001-6
P P Delicatessen
N P Diaper service, including cleaning
N P Drapery and curtain store
P P Drug store
P P Dry cleaning
P P Dwelling unit as part of a commercial building for proprietor or employee who also serves as a night watchman provided that an additional 3,000 square feet of landscaped area is provided for the residential use. 2001-16


CV-1 CV-2 Use
N P Educational institution
N P Electrical and heating appliances and fixtures sales and service
N P Electronic equipment sales and service
N P Employment agency


CV-1 CV-2 Use
C P Fabric and textile store
N C Farm implement sales
N P Feed and Seed store, retail
N P Flooring sales and service, carpet, rug and linoleum
C P Florist shop
N P Fitness, Athletic, Health, Recreation Center, or Gymnasium
P P Fruit and vegetable store or stand
N P Furniture sales and repair
N P Fur apparel sales, storage or repair


CV-1 CV-2 Use
C P Garden supplies and plant materials sales
P P Gift store
N P Glass sales and service
N P Government office buildings
N P Greenhouse and nursery; soil and lawn service
C P Grocery store
P P Grooming for small animals
P P Gunsmith


CV-1 CV-2 Use
N P Hardware store
P P Health food store
P P Hobby and crafts store
N C Hotel
N P House cleaning and repair
N C Household appliance sales and incidental service


CV-1 CV-2 Use
P P Ice cream parlor
N P Insulation sales
P P Interior decorator and designing establishment


CV-1 CV-2 Use
P P Jewelry store sales and service



CV-1 CV-2 Use
N P Laboratory, dental or medical
P P Laundromat
N P Lawn mower sales and service
P P Library
N P Linen store
N C Liquor store
P P Locksmith
N P Lodge or social hall


CV-1 CV-2 Use
N C Meat, Custom Exempt cutting, wrapping, and processing of livestock and game, Excluding slaughtering
N P Medical supplies
N C Miniature golf
N P Monument works and sales
N C Mortuary
N C Motel
N C Motorcycle and motor scooters sales and service
C P Museum
C P Music Store




CV-1 CV-2 Use
N P Office supply
N C Ornamental iron sales or repair


CV-1 CV-2 Use
N P Paint or wallpaper store
P P Park and playground
N C Parking lot or garage as a main use
N P Pest control and extermination
N P Pet and pet supply store
P P Pharmacy
P P Photo studio
N P Plumbing shop
C P Post office
N P Pottery, sales and manufacture of crafts and tile
N P Printing, copy sales and services
N C Private Liquor Club
N P Professional office
C C Public Utilities Substation



CV-1 CV-2 Use
C P Radio and television sales and service
N P Radio or television broadcasting station
C P Real estate agency
N C Reception center or wedding chapel
N C Recreational vehicle storage
N P Rental, equipment
C P Restaurant
N C Restaurant, drive-in
N C Restaurant, drive-through


CV-1 CV-2 Use
N P Second-hand store
N C Self Storage, indoor units for personal and household items
P P Service station, automobile excluding body, fender, and upholstery work
C P Service station, automobile with 1 bay automatic car wash as an accessory use
N P Sewing machine sales and service
P P Shoe repair
N P Shoe store
N C Snow plow and removal service
N C Snowmobile, ATV sales and repair
N P Spa


CV-1 CV-2 Use
P P Tailor shop
N C Tavern, Beer Pub
N P Taxidermist
P P Temporary building for uses incidental to construction work. Such buildings shall be removed upon the completion of the construction work.
N P Theater indoor
N P Tobacco shop
N P Toy store, retail
N C Trade or industrial school
C P Travel agency


CV-1 CV-2 Use
C P Upholstery shop


CV-1 CV-2 Use
P P Vendor, Short Term
N C Ventilating equipment sales and service
P P Video sales and rental


CV-1 CV-2 Use
N P Window washing establishment




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