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9C-1 Intent and Purpose

The purpose of this zone is to provide locations in the Ogden Valley and at major recreation resort areas, where service facilities and goods normally required by the public in the pursuit of general recreation activities can be obtained.

In this role, even though the area is primarily commercial in nature, it should be compatible with the general surrounding natural environment. To this end, the general sitting and architectural design of buildings and structures, the layout of parking areas and landscaping shall be subject to review and recommendations by the public agencies, Design Review and approval by the Planning Commission to ensure that the natural environment is preserved to the greatest possible extent.

9C-2 Submittal Requirements

Detailed plans shall be filed with the Planning Commission staff for review. Site Plan submittals shall include all requirements set forth in this Ordinance, including fully dimensioned architectural elevations, in color, of all proposed structures.

9C-3 Permitted Uses

  1. Art Gallery
  2. Bank
  3. Book Store/News Stand
  4. Beauty Shop/Barber Shop
  5. Day Spa/Fitness Center
  6. Deli/Small Grocery Store
  7. Florist Shop
  8. Gift shop, Boutique
  9. Music and Video Store
  10. Restaurants, excluding those with drive-up windows
  11. Restaurant: Fast Food, excluding those with drive-up windows
  12. Sporting Goods Store
  13. Sports Clothing Store
  14. Public and Private Swimming Pools
  15. Vendor, Short Term (see definition under Chapter 1-6)

9C-4 Conditional Uses

The following uses shall be allowed only when authorized by a Conditional Use Permit obtained as provided in Chapter 22C of this Zoning Ordinance.

  1. Beer Parlor, Sale of Draft Beer
  2. Bed and Breakfast Inn
  3. Bed and Breakfast Hotel
  4. Recreation Lodge
  5. Dry Cleaning Pick Up Station
  6. Recreation Resort Complex
  7. Horse Rentals (up to 10 horses per acre, if stabled) horse feed store and haystack yard
  8. Indoor facilities for rental to clubs, private groups, parties and organizational groups for recreation activities, including dancing.
  9. Liquor Store
  10. Medical/Dental Office
  11. Outfitters Base Camp
  12. Pet Grooming and Supply Store
  13. Public Utility Substations
  14. Real Estate Office
  15. Ski Equipment, Snowmobile, Boat and bicycle rentals
  16. Outdoor Skating Rink (ice or roller)
  17. Skateboarding Course
  18. Snowmobile and Nordic Ski Trails
  19. Equestrian Trails
  20. Public Parks
  21. Golf Courses, including miniature golf as part of a recreation resort
  22. Conference/Education Center
  23. Condominium rental apartment, including lockout rooms
  24. Gazebo, Pavilion
  25. Time share condominiums including lockout rooms
  26. Travel Agency
  27. Planned Residential Unit Development (PRUD) as part of a Recreation Resort Complex
  28. Subdivision, where part of a PRUD in a Recreation Resort Complex
  29. Dwelling unit as part of a commercial building for proprietor or employee who also serves as a night watchman provided that an additional 3,000 square feet of landscaped area is provided for the residential use
  30. Residential property rental and management agency for Recreation Resort Complexes
  31. Off road vehicle and recreation equipment sales and service, and rental
  32. Service stations
  33. Ski Resort and ski schools
  34. Hotel/motel including lockout rooms
  35. Restaurants, including those with drive-up windows
  36. Yurt, as defined in Chapter 18C (Ogden Valley Architectural, Landscape and Screening Standards) when used as a Ski School or other accessory building at a ski resort or tubing hill, the Planning Commission may limit the number of yurts allowed at any one resort, under Section 9C-4 Conditional Uses 2006-20
  37. Accessory uses to the above listed.

9C-5 Additional Design Requirements

To meet the intent of this Chapter the following design standards are required.

  1. All projects shall consist of a minimum of 10% commercial uses other than Condominium rental apartments, Dwellings, Multi-family dwellings, and/or other uses providing nightly or longer term lodging.
  2. Multiple or mixed uses shall be allowed in a single building. For example: a building housing condominium rental apartments may also include restaurants, gift shops and sports clothing stores.
  3. In approving site plans the Land Use Authority shall find that proposed buildings and uses are sized in proportion to the recreational amenities for which they will provide goods and services. For example: a golf or ski resort may have a small grocery and sporting goods store, but neither should be sized to be an attraction independent of the provided recreational amenity. In other words, the recreational amenity remains the attraction.

9C-6 Minimum Lot Area, Width and Yard Regulations

  • A minimum of a two and one half (2.5) acre site, with the following minimum area requirement for uses within that site.
    • Condominium rental apartments, Dwellings, Multi-family dwellings, and/or other uses providing nightly or longer term lodging, per building 7,500 square feet of net developable area plus 2,000 square feet of net developable area for each dwelling unit in excess of two dwelling units
    • Lockout sleeping room, 500 square feet
    • Other Uses: none
  • 150 feet minimum frontage
Front Yard
  • 30 feet minimum
Side Yard
  • 20 feet minimum, except as otherwise required by this or any other Weber County Ordinance.
Rear Yard
  • 20 feet minimum, except as otherwise required by this or any other Weber County Ordinance.
  • Conditional Use Permit is required if over 25 feet in height.

9C-7 Signs

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