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12-1 Zone Character and Objectives

The purpose of the Forest Residential Zone is to provide area for residential development in a forest setting at a low density, as well as to protect as much as possible the naturalistic environment of the development.


12-2 Permitted Uses

  1. Accessory building or accessory use customarily incidental to a permitted use
  2. Agriculture
  3. Animals and fowl kept for family food production
  4. Cluster subdivision, in accordance with Chapter 22B
  5. Corral, stable or building for keeping animals or fowl, provided such building shall be located not less than one hundred (100) feet from a public street, and not less than twenty-five (25) feet from any side or rear lot line, 40 feet from the residence and 75 from the nearest adjacent residence.
  6. Greenhouse, non-commercial only
  7. Home occupations
  8. Horses for private use only, and provided that not more than two (2) horses may be kept for each one (1) acre of land - exclusively devoted to the keeping of horses.
  9. Household pets which do not constitute a kennel.
  10. Single family dwelling
  11. Temporary building for use incidental to construction work. Such building shall be removed upon the completion or abandonment of the construction work
  12. Residential Facilities for persons with a disability meeting the requirements of Chapter 23-26 of this Ordinance.

12-3 Conditional Uses

The following uses shall be permitted only when authorized by a Conditional Use permit obtained as provided in Chapter 22C:

  1. Bed and Breakfast dwelling subject to the following standards:
    1. Two parking spaces shall be provided for the host family plus one space for each guest room;
    2. Proprietor or owner shall occupy the property;
    3. Meals shall only be served to overnight guests;
    4. Signs are limited to a name plate identification sign not exceeding 2 sq. ft. in area per dwelling;
    5. Not more than 2 guests sleeping rooms per dwelling;
    6. Allowed only in existing dwellings with no exterior additions nor change in residential character; and
    7. Business license shall be obtained
  2. Bed and Breakfast Inn subject to the following standards and criteria:
    1. Proprietor or owner shall occupy the premises;
    2. Not more than seven (7) sleeping rooms per inn.
    3. The lot must be at least 2 1/2 acres in area with frontage on a public street of at least to hundred fifty (250') in width;
    4. The lot shall have frontage on a major street as shown on the County Master Plan (State Highway or County Major Street);
    5. The lot shall not be in a recorded subdivision unless the lot is specifically created for the purpose of a Bed and Breakfast Inn;
    6. The Inn shall be at least 300 ft. from the nearest existing dwelling;
    7. Two parking spaces shall be provided for the host family plus one space for each guest sleeping room;
    8. The guest parking shall be in the rear of the Inn;
    9. Meals shall be served to registered overnight guests only;
    10. Signs are limited to one name plate or one identification sign of not more than 8 sq. ft. in area;
    11. The site shall be landscaped to provide a visual and noise buffer to adjoining property; A Landscape Plan shall be submitted with Site Plan.
    12. The Inn shall be of a historic period or other distinguishable architectural style or design so as not to resemble the modern block motel appearance;
    13. A business license shall be obtained;
    14. All units to be in one building together with owner's residence.
  3. Church, synagogue or similar permanent building used for regular religious worship
  4. Educational Institution
  5. Educational/Institutional Identification Sign
  6. Golf course, except miniature golf
  7. Parking lot accessory to uses permitted in this zone
  8. Planned Residential Unit Development in accordance with Chapter 22D of this Zoning Ordinance
  9. Private park, playground or recreation area, but not including privately owned commercial amusement business
  10. Public building, public park, recreation grounds and associated buildings
  11. Public Utility Substations
  12. Ski resorts, including summer skate board activities as an accessory use
  13. Water storage reservoir developed by a public agency
  14. Conference/Education Center, with 5 acre minimum lot size

12-4 Permitted Signs and Regulations

Signs shall meet requirements of Chapter 32B, Valley Commercial Signs if located within the Ogden Canyon or Ogden Valley area.

12-5 Site Development Standards

Zone FR-1
Minimum lot area 1 acre
Minimum lot width 150 ft[1]
Minimum yard setbacks
  a. Front 30 ft[2],50 ft[3]
  b. Side 20 ft
  c. Side (facing street on corner lot) 30 ft
  d. Rear
     i. Main building 30 ft
     ii. Accessory building 10 ft
Main building height
  a. Minimum one story
  b. Maximum 35 ft
Accessory building height 25 ft[4]
  1. 150 feet, except the width of lots on the outside of the curved streets or on the ends of cul-de-sacs may be reduced by up on one third (1/3) provided the lot has the required lot width at a distance of 70 feet back from the front lot line.
  2. 30 ft on streets of less than 80 ft in width.
  3. 50 ft on streets and highways of 80 ft or more in width.
  4. 25 ft unless meeting requirements of Chapter 23-29, Large Accessory Buildings.

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