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8-1 Purpose

The intent of the Forest Zones is to protect and preserve the natural environment of those areas of the County that are characterized by mountainous, forest or naturalistic land, and to permit development compatible to the preservation of these areas.

The objectives in establishing the Forest Zones are:

  1. to promote the use of the land for forest, fish and wildlife and to facilitate the conservation of the natural resources, vegetation and attractions,
  2. to reduce the hazards of flood and fire,
  3. to prevent sanitation and pollution problems and protect the watershed,
  4. to provide areas for private and public recreation and recreation resorts, and
  5. to provide areas for homes, summer homes, and summer camp sites.


8-2 Permitted Uses

  1. Agriculture
  2. Cluster subdivisions which comply with the requirements of Chapter 22B of this Ordinance
  3. Grazing and pasturing of animals, limited to one (1) horse or cow per acre of land exclusively dedicated to the animal; the keeping of animals and fowl for family food Production; golf course, except miniature golf courses
  4. Home occupations
  5. Public parks and recreation grounds; public campgrounds and picnic areas meeting the Requirements of the Forest Campground Ordinance of Weber County; public buildings 10-37B
  6. One recreational vehicle, temporarily parked on a lot or parcel for periodic short term intervals of less than one hundred and eighty days (180) for recreational use only and not for longer term placement nor for full time living. The following additional conditions shall apply:
    1. The lot has a minimum area of five (5) acres in the F-5, 10 acres in the F-10, and 40 acres in the F-40 Zone or is determined to be a legally approved or legal non-conforming lot or parcel or cluster subdivision and meet the minimum lot size, frontage, and setback requirements for all zones in this Chapter.
    2. County Environmental Health Department approval as to waste disposal by an approved septic tank and drainfield with approved connection to the R.V., and a Land Use permit from the Weber County Planning Commission for each unit, which shall expire after 180 days from date of issue, and including only the following accessory uses: not more than one (1) storage shed of not more than 100 square feet per lot, not to include electrical or plumbing connections; prepared R.V. parking pad; raised deck of not more than two (2) feet in height adjacent to the R.V. parking pad; one outdoor camp fireplace; picnic table and chairs and tent type screens.
    3. A second recreation vehicle may be placed on any lot, parcel, legal non-conforming lot or parcel as qualified in 8-2.6.b above containing a minimum area of two (2) acres excluding land known as common land and/or open space.
    4. The following State and Local Division of Health Codes and requirements are complied with:
      1. International Utah Plumbing Code
      2. Rules and Regulations relating to Public Water Supplies
      3. Code of Waste Disposal Regulations
      4. Code of Solid Waste Disposal Regulations
      5. Recreational Vehicle Park Sanitation Regulations
  7. Signs: Shall comply with Chapter 32-B, Ogden Valley Signs, if located within the Ogden Valley area.
  8. Accessory buildings and uses customarily incidental to the primary use.
  9. Single Family Residences; summer home subdivisions 2003-14
  10. Facilities for persons with a disability meeting the requirements of Chapter 23-26 of this Ordinance.
  11. Private Stables, not to exceed 1 horse per acre.
  12. Household Pets

8-3 Conditional Uses

  1. Cemeteries; churches
  2. Forest industries; production of forest products
  3. Dams
  4. Educational/Institutional Identification Sign
  5. Mines, quarries and gravel pits, sand and gravel operations subject to the provisions of the Weber County Excavation Ordinance
  6. Planned Residential Unit Development in accordance with Chapter 22D of this Zoning Ordinance.
  7. Private parks and recreation grounds; private campgrounds and picnic areas meeting the requirements of the Forest Campground Ordinance of Weber County; dude ranches; public utility substations and transmission lines
  8. Public Utility Substations
  9. Radio and television towers
  10. Ski resorts
  11. Skeet and Trap Shooting Ranges as an accessory use to public and/or private camps in the F-5 and F-10 Zones
  12. Skeet and Trap Shooting Ranges in the F-40 Zones
  13. Water pumping plants and reservoirs
  14. Waste water treatment or disposal facilities meeting the requirements of the Utah State Division of Health Code of Waste Disposal Regulations but not including individual water disposal systems
  15. Recreation Lodge
  16. Recreation Resort
  17. Conference/Education Center
  18. Heliport in the F-40 Zone subject to the following standards:
    1. A heliport must be located on a single parcel of record which is not less than 40 acres in area.
    2. A heliport must be located at an elevation of at least 6,200 feet above sea level.
    3. A heliport must be located at least 200 feet from any property line. The Planning Commission may grant exceptions to the setback requirement if it can be demonstrated that locating the heliport closer than 200 feet to the property line provides a more beneficial situation for purposes of safety, noise abatement, access, or other valid reasons as determined by the Planning Commission.
    4. The heliport landing surface must be dust-proof and free from obstructions.
    5. Prior to issuance of a conditional use permit for a heliport, written approval from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is required, if necessary.

8-4 Minimum Lot Area, Width and Yard Regulations

Zone F-5 F-10 F-40[1]
Area 5 acres 10 acres 40 acres
Width 300 ft [2] 400 ft[2] 660 ft[2]
Yard, Front 30 ft [3] 50 ft 75 ft
Yard, Side 20 ft 20 ft 40 ft
Yard, Rear 30 ft 30 ft 30 ft
Main Building Height 35 ft 35 ft 35 ft
Accessory Building Height [4] [4] [4]
  1. In the F-40 Zone where property lot lines follow a basic rectangular pattern based upon section lines or regular divisions of section lines, road frontage requirements may be reduced to a minimum of one hundred (100) feet for each lot, but this in no way permits a reduction in the minimum required lot width which must be maintained.
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 The width of lots on the outside of the curved streets or on the ends of cul-de-sacs may be reduced by up to one third (1/3) provided the required minimum lot width is provided back from the front lot line at a distance of one hundred (100) feet in the F-5 Zone; one hundred forty (140) feet in the F-10 Zone.
  3. In the F-5 Zone, front yard setbacks will be fifty (50) feet on right of way of 80 feet or more.
  4. 4.0 4.1 4.2 25 ft unless meeting requirements of Chapter 23-29, Large Accessory Buildings.

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