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Source Control BMPs to Consider

BMP Full Name Manufacturing Material Handling Vehicle Maintenance Construction Commerical Activities Roadways Waste Containment Housekeeping Practices
ACP Area Control Procedures X X X
ATL Aboveground Tank Leak and Spill Control X X X X X
BGM Buildings and Grounds Maintenance X X X
BRRC Building Repair, Remodeling, and Construction X X X
CD Containment Dikes X X
CESA Contaminated or Erodible Surface Areas X X
CO Covering X X X X X X X
CU Curbing X X X X X X
DCUS De-Icing Chemical Use and Storage X X X X
DP Drip Pans X X
ET Employee Training X X X X X X X X
HWM Hazardous Waste Management X X X X X X
NSWD Non-Storm Water Discharges to Drains X X X X X
OCSL Outdoor Container Storage of Liquids X X X X X
OLUM Outdoor Loading/Unloading of Material X X X X
OPE Outdoor Process Equipment Operations X X X X X
OSRM Outdoor Storage of Raw Materials X X X X X
SL Signs and Labels X X X
VEC Vehicle and Equipment Cleaning X X X X
VEF Vehicle and Equipment Fueling X X X X X
VEMR Vehicle and Equipment Maintenance and Repair X X X X X
WHD Waste Handling and Disposal X X X X X

Treatment Control BMPs to Consider

BMP Full Name Soils Area Required Slope Water Availability Aesthetics Hydraulic Head Environmental Side Effects
BF Biofilters X X X X
CW Constructed Wetlands X X X X X X
DCIA Minimizing DCIAs X X
DTSF Double Trench Sand Filter X X
EDB Extended Detention Basins X X X
GA Gelling Agents X
IN Infiltration X X X X X
LS Level Spreaders X X X X X
MF Media Filtration X
OWS Oil/Water Separators and Water Quality Inlets X
PSFS Peat-Sand Filter System X X
SO Sorbents X
SSFS Surface Sand Filter System X X X
S Sumps X
TSFS Trench Sand Filter System X X
WP Wet Ponds X X X X X
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