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The interlocal agreements with the communities were approved by the county commission in March 2003. Please review the minutes from the March 4 or the March 11 meeting if you would like.

The county has the following agreements:

  • Contract C2003-40 with Farr West City;
  • Contract C2003-41 with Harrisville City;
  • Contract C2003-42 with Hooper City;
  • Contract C2003-43 with Marriott-Slaterville City;
  • Contract C2003-44 with North Ogden City;
  • Letter of Understanding, C2003-45 with Ogden City;
  • Contract C2003-46 with Plain City;
  • Contract C2003-47 with Riverdale City;
  • Contract C2003-48 with South Ogden City;
  • Contract C2003-49 with Uintah City;
  • Contract C2003-50 with Washington Terrace City;
  • Contract C2003-51 with Weber State University;
  • Contract C2003-52 with Roy City;
  • Contract C2003-53 with Pleasant View;
  • Contract C2003-54 with West Haven;
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