Land Use Permit, Building Permit and Certificate of Occupancy

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30-1 Purpose and Intent

The purpose of this chapter is to establish the requirements for land use permits from the Planning Division and building permits from the Building Division. This chapter identifies the responsibilities for enforcing the requirements of this ordinance.

30-2 Building Permit Required

Building Permits as specified by Weber County are required for any construction, alteration, repair, removal, or occupancy of any structure. Construction shall not be commenced, except after the issuance of a written permit by the County Building Official.

30-3 Certificate of Occupancy Required

No land shall be used or occupied and no building hereafter structurally altered or erected shall be used or changed in use, except for agricultural purposes, until a Certificate of Occupancy has been issued by the Building Official stating that the building or the proposed use thereof or the use of the land, complies with the provisions of this Ordinance. A certificate of occupancy either for the whole or part of a building or structure shall be applied for coincidentally with the application for a building permit, and shall be issued within ten (10) days after the erection or structural alteration of such building or structure or part thereof, shall have been completed in conformity with the provisions of this Ordinance.

30-4 Land Use Permit Required

In order to verify zoning requirements and setbacks for permitted or conditional uses, no structure, including agricultural structures, shall be constructed, changed in use, or altered, as provided or as restricted in the Weber County Zoning Ordinance, until and unless a Land Use Permit is approved and issued by the Planning Director or designee.

30-5 Code Enforcement

The Planning Director is designated and authorized as the official charged with the enforcement of this Ordinance.

30-6 Permits to Comply with Ordinance

The Building Official shall not grant a permit for the construction or alteration of any building or structure if such construction or alteration is in violation of any provision of this Ordinance; nor shall any County Official grant any permit or license for the use of any building or land if such use would be in violation of this Ordinance.

30-7 Powers and Duties of Building Official

It shall be the duty of the Building Official to inspect or cause to be inspected all setbacks of buildings in the course of construction or repair. The Building Official shall assist in the enforcement of all provisions of this Ordinance. The Building Official shall not issue any permit unless the plans of and for the proposed erection, construction, reconstruction, alteration and use fully conform to all zoning regulations.

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