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21-1 Purpose and Intent

The purpose of the light manufacturing zone is to provide suitable areas that will accommodate the need for light intensity type manufacturing and its associated accessory uses, some of which may have an environmental impact requiring public review and regulation.


21-2 Permitted Uses

  1. Accessory uses and buildings customarily incidental to a permitted use.
  2. Any permitted use in a C-3 Zone except dwelling units
  3. Agriculture
  4. Animal hospitals
  5. Animals and fowl for family food production
  6. Boat building
  7. Bookbinding
  8. Body and fender work, if conducted within an enclosed building
  9. Bottling works, soft drinks
  10. Carpenter shop, cabinet shop
  11. Carpet and rug cleaning and dyeing
  12. Coal, fuel and wood yards, enclosed within a building or by a solid fence of not less than six (6) feet in height
  13. Construction of buildings to be sold and moved off the premises
  14. Dairy
  15. Dry cleaning plant
  16. Dwelling unit for night watchman or guard and family
  17. Egg handling, processing and sales
  18. Electric appliances and/or electronic instruments assembling
  19. Express office
  20. Garage, public
  21. Home occupations
  22. Honey extraction
  23. Ice manufacturing and storage
  24. Kennel
  25. Knitting mill
  26. Laboratory
  27. Laundry
  28. Lithographing, including engraving and photo engraving
  29. Machine shop
  30. Manufacturing, compounding, processing, packing and treatment of the following products:
    1. Bakery goods
    2. Candy
    3. Dairy products
    4. Pharmaceuticals
  31. Manufacturing, compounding, assembling and treatment of articles of merchandise from the following previously prepared materials:
    1. Cellophane
    2. Canvas
    3. Cloth
    4. Cork
    5. Felt
    6. Shell
    7. Straw
    8. Textile
    9. Wood
    10. Yarn
  32. Manufacturing and maintenance of the following:
    1. Business machines
    2. Cameras and photographic equipment
    3. Electric and neon sign, billboards and/or commercial advertising structures
    4. Light sheetmetal products, including heating and ventilating ducts and equipment
    5. Musical instruments
    6. Novelties
    7. Rubber and metal stamps
    8. Toys
  33. Monument works
  34. Motion Picture studio
  35. Motor vehicles, trailers, bicycles and machinery repairing, rentals, sales and reconditioning
  36. Parking lot
  37. Planing mill
  38. Printing, including engraving and photo engraving, blueprinting, photostating and duplication
  39. Public and quasi-public uses
  40. Public transit yards
  41. Radio and television transmitting towers
  42. Retail sale of products produced by, developed in conjunction with or normally required and used in the performance of a commercial or manufacturing operation permitted in this zone; and provided the retail sale is clearly an accessory use to the main permitted use and is conducted within the same building or if the main use is not a building then on the same property provided however, no retail sale of products may be made in conjunction with a warehousing or wholesale business
  43. Rubber welding
  44. Sand blasting
  45. Service Station
  46. Sign painting shop
  47. Single family dwelling
  48. Temporary building for uses incidental to construction work including living quarters for a guard or night watchman, which buildings must be removed upon completion or abandonment of the construction work
  49. Tire retreading and/or vulcanizing
  50. Transfer company
  51. Truck service station
  52. Trucking terminal
  53. Upholstering, including mattress manufacturing, rebuilding and renovating
  54. Used car lot
  55. Veterinary, and hotel and beauty parlor for cats and dogs
  56. Warehouse
  57. Weaving
  58. Welding shop
  59. Wholesale business

21-3 Conditional Uses

The following uses shall be permitted only when authorized by a Conditional Use Permit as provided in Chapter 22C of this Zoning Ordinance:

  1. Airport
  2. Any conditional use allowed in a C-3 zone, except dwelling units
  3. Battery manufacture
  4. Blacksmith shop
  5. Building materials sale yard, including the sale of rock, sand, gravel and the like, as an incidental part of the main business, but excluding concrete mixing except as such concrete mixing is necessary in the preparation and manufacture of any of the products specified in this Section
  6. Carnival or other amusement, enterprise, transient in nature
  7. Cement batch plants with the following conditions:
    1. The cement silo mixer shall not be larger than 300 barrel.
    2. There shall be a 15 ft. landscape buffer with 6 ft. high earth berm planted with 6 ft. or larger evergreen trees. The trees shall be Canada Hemlock, Scotch Pines, Douglas Fir, or Blue Spruce. The trees shall be planted every 15 ft. on center. The evergreen shrubs shall be Junipers, Mugo Pines, or Spreading Yew. The shrubs shall be 36 inches high and there shall be 15 shrubs per 100 ft. There shall be 5 canopy trees per 100 ft. These trees shall be, Maples, Linden, Quaking Aspens, Cottonless Cottonwood, Honey Locust, or Birch trees. These trees shall be a minimum of 2 inch caliper. This landscaping shall be planted on the crest of the 6 ft. berm when the property abuts agricultural or residential zones.
    3. There shall be no more than 3 cement trucks, and no more than two other semi trucks and trailers used with this operation stored on site.
    4. There shall be no more than 40 yards of sand and gravel mix stored on this site. The sand and gravel mix shall be stored in a three-wall bin and covered when not in use.
    5. All cement product on site shall be stored within the silo.
    6. The property shall be at least one acre in size.
  8. Contractor's equipment storage yard or rental of equipment used by contractors
  9. Draying, freighting, or trucking yard or terminal
  10. Dwelling unit for proprietor or employee, who also serves as night watchman, and their immediate family, provided that an additional 3,000 square feet of landscaped area is provided for the residential use. As a Conditional Use, the Township Planning Commission, for the jurisdiction in which the application is made, shall have the discretion to approve either an attached or a detached dwelling, based upon the primary manufacturing use and architectural design to protect the noise levels and privacy of the residents. 2001-33
  11. Fertilizer and soil conditioner manufacture, processing and/or sales, providing only non-animal products and by-products are used
  12. Foundry, casting light-weight, non-ferrous metal without causing noxious odors or fumes
  13. Glass manufacturing
  14. Manufacture of brick and all clay, ceramic, cinder, concrete, synthetic, cast stone, plastic and pumice stone products, including the manufacture of fabrication of building blocks, tile or pipe from raw material for use in building construction or for sewer or drainage purposes, and including rock or gravel crushings or raw materials which is incidental to the manufacture or fabrication of the above-described products, and provided that such crushing facilities shall be located not closer than two hundred (200) feet to any property line
  15. Manufactured Housing, to serve as quarters for guard or night watchman and family so long as it is permanently affixed on approved concrete or concrete block foundation.
  16. Manufacturing, compounding, processing, packing and treatment of the products:
    1. Cosmetics
    2. Food products, excluding the following: fish, sauerkraut, pickles, vinegar yeast, the rendering of fat
    3. Toiletries
  17. Manufacturing, compounding and treatment of articles or merchandise from the following previously prepared material:
    1. Bone
    2. Feathers
    3. Fiber
    4. Fish
    5. Glass
    6. Hair
    7. Horn
    8. Leather
    9. Paint
    10. Paper
    11. Plastic
    12. Rubber
    13. Tobacco
  18. The manufacture, fabrication, assembly, compounding, process, treatment and storage of products made from the family of metals and carbons including but not limited to the following:
    1. Brass
    2. Iron
    3. Copper
    4. Steel
    5. Graphite and their substitutes
  19. Meat products smoking, curing and packing, provided that no objectionable fumes are emitted; motorcycle and off road vehicle trails and track including accessory concession stand picnic, park and playground facilities.
  20. Public Safety Training Facility
  21. Public Utility Substations
  22. The raising and grazing of horses, cattle, sheep or goats as part of a farming operation including the supplementary or full feeding of such animals.
  23. Site leveling and preparation for future development.
  24. Water storage reservoir developed by a public agency and meeting the requirements of Chapter 26 of this Zoning Ordinance

21-4 Site Development Standards

Zone M-1
Minimum area
  Connected to a public sewer none
  Not connected to public sewer 20,000 ft2
  Single family dwelling 5 acres
Minimum lot width 100 ft
Minimum yard setbacks
  a. Front 30 ft[1], 50 ft[2]
  b. Side none[3]
  d. Rear none[4]
Main building height
  a. Minimum one story
  b. Maximum none
Lot coverage Not over 80% of lot area by buildings.
  1. 30 ft on streets of less than 80 ft in width.
  2. 50 ft on streets and highways of 80 ft or more in width.
  3. none except 20 ft. where adjacent to a residential zone boundary and a side yard facing a street on a corner lot, and for single family dwelling
  4. none except 20 ft where building rears on a residential zone and 30 ft for single family dwellings.

21-5 Sign Regulations

The height, size and location of the following permitted signs shall be in accordance with Chapter 23-19 and as follows:

  1. Advertising signs and billboards, provided the following conditions are met:
    1. Size - the maximum size of a billboard at any one location shall not be larger than one thousand (1,000) sq. ft.
    2. Spacing - the minimum distance between any two billboards adjacent to and facing a freeway or highway shall be five hundred (500) feet
    3. Freeway Access - the minimum distance between any advertising sign or billboard and the beginning of the pavement widening for an entrance or exit ramp on a freeway shall be not less than five hundred (500) feet. In addition, billboards adjacent to freeways shall comply with State of Utah Outdoor Advertising Regulations 7-75
  2. Animated sign
  3. Business signs, not exceeding in area five (5) square feet for each foot of street frontage with a maximum of six hundred fifty (650) square feet for each sign, provided that Business Signs adjacent to and within six hundred and sixty (660) feet of an Interstate Freeway or Federal Aid Primary Highway, may have a maximum size of one thousand (1,000) square feet for each sign
  4. Flat sign
  5. Ground sign
  6. Identification sign, illuminated sign
  7. Name Plate
  8. Property sign, projecting sign; public necessity sign
  9. Roof sign
  10. Service sign
  11. Temporary Sign

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