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25-1 Business Requiring Access

Service Stations, roadside stands, public parking lots, and all other businesses requiring motor vehicle access shall meet the requirements as hereinafter provided.

25-2 Roadways and Curbs

Access to the station or other structure or parking lot shall be controlled as follows:

  1. Access shall be by not more than two (2) roadways for each one hundred (100) feet or fraction thereof of frontage on any street.
  2. No two (2) of said roadways shall be closer to each other than twelve (12) feet; and no roadway shall be closer to a side property line than three (3) feet.
  3. Each roadway shall be not more than thirty-six (36) feet in width for roadside stands, public parking lots, and all other businesses requiring motor vehicle access, except service stations in commercial and uses in manufacturing zones may have a maximum width of 50 feet. 20-82
  4. No roadway shall be closer than twenty (20) feet to the point of intersection of two (2) property lines at any street corner.
  5. In all cases where there is an existing curb and gutter or sidewalk on the street, the applicant for a permit shall provide a safety island along the entire frontage of the property except for permitted roadways. Concrete curbs shall be constructed and height, location and structural specifications shall be approved by the County Engineer.
  6. Where there is no existing curb and gutter or sidewalk, the applicant shall install such safety island and curb, or, in place thereof, construct along the entire length of the property line, except in front of the permitted roadways, a curb, fence, or pipe rail not exceeding two (2) feet or less than eight (8) inches in height.

25-3 Location of Gasoline Pumps

Gasoline pumps shall be set back not less than eighteen (18) feet from any street line to which the pump island is vertical and twelve (12) feet from any street line to which the pump island is parallel, and not less than ten (10) feet from a residential or agricultural zone boundary line. If the pump island is set at an angle on the property, it shall be so located that automobiles stopped for service will not extend over the property line. [See Sec. 24-8-2 for more restrictive requirement]

25-4 Location of Service Station Canopies

Service station canopies may extend into the required front yard of a service station site to cover pump islands and the adjacent vehicle service areas, provided such canopies are located not closer than five (5) feet to the front property line.

Blue Explanation Point.png The Motor Vehicle Access has been re-formatted from the original for Internet accessibility, and may contain inadvertent errors and/or omissions. It is provided as a public convenience, for informational purposes only. Official Weber County Code Ordinances, in their original format, are available through the Office of the County Clerk/Auditor and at the County Library Branches.
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