Ogden Valley November 24, 2009

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NOTE: The meeting will begin at 4:00 p.m. and will be held in the Weber County Commission Chambers, 2380 Washington Blvd., Ogden UT


  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • Roll Call:
1. Approval of minutes: Approval of the September 22, 2009 and October 27, 2009, meeting minutes

Consent Agenda Items

2-1. UVC102709 Preliminary Approval of Cottonwood Creek Subdivision, 3 lots, located at approximately 4550 North Powder Mountain Road. Savannah USA Investments LLC, Applicants
2-2. UVN110209 Final Approval of the Nylanderville 1st Amendment Subdivision, 2 lots, 3992 N 3300 E, and a recommendation for the vacation of the Nylanderville Subdivision. Ronald Nylander, Applicant

Regular Agenda Items

  • Old Business
3-1. CUP 16-08 One Year Status Report for the Powder Mountain Park and Ride lot at approximately 2628 North Highway 162 in Eden. Powder Mountain Resort, Applicant (Dave Jessup, Agent)
3-2. SUB-01-09 Approval of an amendment to the Subdivision Ordinance 26-4-3 Guarantee of Improvements

New Business

4-1. CUP 21-08 Request Approval of new Architectural Design and Landscape Plans for renewal of Conditional Use Permit CUP 21-08 allowing use of a Temporary Trailer housing the Powder Mountain Kids Ski School Program. Powder Mountain Resort, Applicant (Angie Illum, Agent)
4-2. UVR102609 Request Approval of the Weber County Subdivision Ordinance to allow an Additional One Year Time Extension of The Reserve at Crimson Ridge Cluster Subdivision Phase 2, located at 985 North Highway 158. Bank of the West (Dale F. Gardiner, Agent)
5. Public Comments:
6. Planning Commissioner’s Remarks:

Staff Communications

7-1. Planning Director’s Report
7-2. Legal Counsel’s Remarks



Download Minutes (PDF)

Meeting Packet

Download a full copy of the Ogden Valley November 24, 2009 packet, in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF), here. Packets are available only for the current agenda and approximately thirty days after that date.

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