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Please Read This Before Using the Plat Maps

Viewing Plat Maps Requires a DWF Viewer.

You may also choose to use Autodesk Freewheel to view the plats. This viewer does not require a software download and is supported on most browsers. Click here to search the plats using this option.

The Weber County GIS Division maintains this portion of the website. The plat maps extracted are maintained by the Weber County Recorder Office. For any questions or help on the software used to view these plat maps, please contact AutoDesk at Weber County GIS can not assist in computer hardware, software or web browser oriented problems.

It is important to understand that Weber County makes NO representation regarding completeness or accuracy of the data in the databases, links, maps, datasets or data extraction procedures provided herein. Efforts are made to verify the data and keep it updated. However, with datasets and databases of this size, eliminating all errors is difficult. Thus, the user assumes total responsibility for verification. All maps, datasets, tables or print outs generated via the web page are unofficial. The user assumes total responsibility to verify everything extracted with the appropriate departments within Weber County.

Recorder Plat Maps - Design Review Version
Recorder Plat Maps - Freewheel Version

To install Autodesk® Design Review 2008 software, simply:
  1. Download and save the setup file to your computer.
  2. Double-click the Autodesk Design Review application icon and follow the installation instructions.
  3. View AutoDesk's Readme.
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