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All inspections must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance. Inspections will not be scheduled unless the following information is given
  1. The Building Permit Number
  2. The Name of the Owner or Contractor
  3. The Address of the building site
  4. The type of Inspection requested
The footing inspection shall be made after the excavations are complete, the forms are set, the reinforcing is in place and suspended, prior to placing the concrete. The distance of the building to the property lines will also be inspected at this time. A survey may be required to verify compliance with the Zoning Ordinance.
The foundation inspection shall be made when the forms, the reinforcing steel, structural straps, and imbeds are in place, prior to placing concrete. When the foundation is to be constructed of approved treated wood, additional inspections may be required.
When the building is constructed of timbers or logs, an inspection of the Grade Stamps, is required prior to installation.
The underslab inspection shall be made when all inslab or underslab service equipment, conduit, piping, and heating ducts are in place, prior to placing fill or concrete. Piping must be fully exposed and supported for its entire length. An air or water test is required for all piping.
The fourway inspection shall be made when the framing, roof, fire blocking, exterior sheathing, flashing (see flashing inspection), and braced panels are in place and all pipes, vents, and chimneys are complete. Rough plumbing, rough heating, and rough electrical should also be complete. An air or water test is required for all piping. This inspection must be "passed" prior to installing insulation, drywall, or exterior wall coverings.
FLASHING INSPECTION. ( Preferred to be done at 4-way inspection)
Approved corrosion-resistive flashing is required in the following locations: window and door openings, intersections of chimneys and masonry construction with frame or stucco walls, masonry, wood or metal copings and sills, above projecting wood trim, where porches, decks or stairs attach to floor or walls of wood construction, at wall and roof intersections, at built-in gutters, and at the intersection of foundation to stucco, masonry, siding or brick veneer. This inspection shall be made when the flashing has been installed, before the exterior coverings are installed.
DRYWALL NAILING INSPECTION (fire-resistive construction).
The drywall nailing inspection shall be made when the drywall is nailed, prior to taping.
The final inspection shall be made when the building is complete and ready for occupancy. All site work including sidewalks, driveways, and grading should be complete prior to this inspection.
This inspection shall be made when the electrical service equipment and grounding are installed and the Final Inspection has been done. A power clearance will not be given until the Final Inspection has been "passed." The power to panel inspection can be made during the final inspection.
The Building Permit will expire 180 days after it is issued or 180 days after the last inspection. To keep the Permit active, You must show progress every 180 days. Progress can be verified by having a progress inspection.
In addition to the above listed inspections, other inspections may be required, to assure compliance with the Laws enforced by the Weber County Building Inspection Department. If you have any questions concerning an inspection, please contact our office prior to proceeding. As a general rule: If it is covered or concealed, it must be inspected prior to covering.
Reinspection fees may be assessed when work, for which an inspection is scheduled, is not complete or required corrections have not been made. Fees may also be assessed when the Approved Plan is not readily available to the Inspector, when unapproved changes have been made to the plan, or when the building is not accessible to the Inspector. Further inspections will not be made until the fees have been paid.

Revised 10/22/03

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