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9A-1 General Description, Objectives and Characteristics of Zone

The Shoreline Zone has been established as a district in which the primary use of the land is for farming and for recreational purposes. In general, this zone covers the portion of the unincorporated area of the county which is occupied by Pine View Lake and Shores adjacent thereto.

This zone is characterized by farms and pasture lands situated adjacent to the shore of the Pine View Lake and interspersed by dwellings, recreational camps, resorts and outdoor recreation facilities.

The objectives in establishing the Shoreline Zone S 1 are:

  1. to promote the use of the land for agriculture and for fish, wildlife and recreational purposes both public and private;
  2. to facilitate the conservation of water and other natural resources;
  3. to reduce hazards from floods and fires;
  4. to preserve open space, natural scenic attractions, natural vegetation, and other natural features within the zone;
  5. to insure adequate provision for water supply, domestic sewage disposal and sanitation.

In order to accomplish these objectives and purposes and to protect the essential characteristics of the zone, the following regulations shall apply in the Shoreline Zone S 1:

9A-2 Permitted Uses

  1. Accessory buildings, structures and uses customarily incidental to a permitted use
  2. Agriculture, grazing and pasturing of animals
  3. Boating
  4. Cemeteries
  5. Fishing
  6. Golf courses, excluding miniature golf courses
  7. Home occupations
  8. Keeping of animals and fowl for family food production
  9. Public parks and recreation grounds; public campgrounds and picnic areas meeting the requirements of the Forest Campground Ordinance of Weber County; public buildings
  10. Single family dwelling; signs, same as permitted in S 1A Zone
  11. Water skiing and other water recreation activities

9A-2A Conditional Uses

The following uses shall be permitted only when authorized by a conditional use permit as provided in Chapter 22C of this Ordinance.

  1. Hydro electric dams
  2. Private parks and recreation grounds; private campgrounds and picnic areas meeting the requirements of the Forest Campground Ordinance of Weber County; public utility substations and transmission lines
  3. Public Utility Substations 96-42
  4. Radio and television towers

9A-3 Area Regulations - Building Site Area Required

The minimum lot and building site area shall be one recorded lot or parcel of land not less than five (5) acres and a minimum width of three hundred (300) feet for each dwelling or use.

9A-4 Front Yard Regulations

  • 30 ft. on streets of less than 80 ft. in width.
  • 100 ft. on streets and highways of 80 ft. or more in width .

9A-5 Side and Rear Yard Regulations

Same as Forest Residential Zone FR-1#12-5 Site Development Standards

9A-6 Special Provisions

The above specified uses shall be permitted only under the following conditions:

  1. Public health requirements concerning domestic water supply and sewage disposal shall comply with provisions of Chapter 23 17 of this Ordinance.
  2. No building or structure shall be constructed within the boundaries of any public reservoir as determined by the public agency having jurisdiction or within the boundaries of any natural waterway or watercourse as determined by the County Engineer wherein no buildings or structures shall be constructed or land subdivided. Where buildings are to be constructed within fifty (50) feet of the exterior boundaries of a flood channel existing at the effective date of this Ordinance, adequate measures must be taken as determined by the Weber County Engineer so as to protect the building or structure from damage due to floods and so as not to increase the hazard to surrounding lands and buildings.
  3. The required yard space shall be kept free of debris, refuse or other inflammable material which may constitute a fire hazard.
  4. Maximum Height - 35 feet

Blue Explanation Point.png The Shoreline Zone S-1 has been re-formatted from the original for Internet accessibility, and may contain inadvertent errors and/or omissions. It is provided as a public convenience, for informational purposes only. Official Weber County Code Ordinances, in their original format, are available through the Office of the County Clerk/Auditor and at the County Library Branches.


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