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  • Planning Processing: The procedure followed by the staff of the Weber County Planning Commission Office in accordance with the Subdivision Ordinance of Weber County in checking and reviewing proposed subdivision leading to final approval by the County Commission.
  • Engineering Checking and Improvement Inspection: The work performed by the County Engineer in checking the plans for road construction and utility installations as proposed by the subdivider and the onsite inspection of the actual construction to ensure conformance with County Standards
  • Surveying Review: The work performed by the County Surveyor's Office is checking closure monuments, boundaries, and accuracy of the survey.
  • Rural Subdivisions: Subdivision in a primarily agricultural, rural, or mountain area and in which the requirements of curb, gutter, and sidewalk have been waived by the County in accordance with Sections 26-4-2(6)(8) of this Ordinance.
  • Urban Subdivisions: Subdivision with lots of less than 40,000 square feet and 150 foot frontage which are required by the County have installed curb, gutter, and/or sidewalk in accordance with Sections24-4-2(6)(8) of this Ordinance.

Fee Schedule

  • A subdivider proposing a subdivision in the unincorporated territory of Weber County shall deposit with the County non-refundable fee for planning, surveying and engineering subdivision review, processing and improvement inspection at the time of submission of the preliminary plan to help defray the planning costs incurred by the County.
  • All of these fees shall be in accordance with the fee schedule listed below:

Planning/Surveying/Engineering - First Review

Lots Planning Processing Fee Surveying Review Fee Engineering Review Fee
1-4 $150 + $25 per lot/unit $150 + $25 per lot/unit $150 + $25 per lot/unit[1]
5+ $250 + $20 per lot/unit $400 + $20 per lot/unit $150 + $50 per lot/unit
  1. $150 + $50 per lot/unit where the lots/units have improvements

Planning/Surveying/Engineering - Subdivision Change Fees

Changes Planning Processing Fee Surveying Review Fee Engineering Review Fee
Each $125 $125 $125

Time Extensions require the Subdivision Fees for Planning, Engineering, and Surveying to be repaid.

Subdivision Extension

A onetime, one year extension of final approval can be granted by the Planning Commission for $300. An eighteen month extension of preliminary approval may be granted by the Planning Director after repayment of subdivision fees. Please see the Subdivision Ordinance for details.

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