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Please Read This Before Using the Survey Data

The Weber County Surveyors Office has developed this application specifically for the use of the Land Surveyor in aiding them to research the Records of this office which have been digitized and are available on the internet.

This software is currently in Beta Testing. All record of survey plats available may not display graphically. It is therefore, your responsibility verify the completeness of the data displayed herein with a member of the survey department staff. You can call 801-399-8020 and ask for Debbie Conley, or another member of the staff and they can check our official records for you.

When we have sufficiently tested this application for accuracy this message will no longer come up.

If you have any questions about the operation or have a suggestion on it's functionality you can send an e-mail to the County Surveyor's Office.

By selecting the link below, you agree to and have read and understand the limitations and unofficial status of all data generated or extracted by the application as listed on this page.

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