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This page if a discussion to keep track of which zoning chapters need to changed into wiki format.

Chapter Title Completed
1 General Provisions & Definitions Done
Make the words lower case and remove the numbers at the end
2 Zones & Districts Done
3 Residential Estates Zones RE-15, RE-20, RE-20S Done
4 Gravel Zone G-1 Done
4A Gravel Zone G-2 Done
5 Agricultural Zone A-1 Done
5B Agricultural Valley Zone AV-3 Done
6 Agricultural Zone A-2 Done
7 Agricultural Zone A-3 Done
8 Forest Zones F-5, F-10, F-20, F-40 Done
9 Forest Recreation Zone FRC-1 Done
9A Shoreline Zone S-1 Done
9B Commercial Resort Recreation Zone CR-1 Done
9C Commercial Valley Resort Recreation Zone CVR-1 Done
10 Single Family Residential Zones R-1-12.5, R-1-12, R-1-10, R-1-8, R-1-6 Done
12 Forest Residential Zone FR-1 Done
12B Forest Valley Zone FV-3 Done
13 Two-Family Residential Zone R-2 Done
14 Multiple-Family Residential Zone R-3 Done
15 Forest Residential Zone FR-3 Done
16 Residential and Office Zone R-4 Done
17A Residential Mobile/Manufactured Home Park Zone RMHP Done
17B Residential Manufactured Home Zone RMH-1-6 Done
18 Commercial Zones C-1, C-2, C-3 Done
18B Commercial Valley Zones CV-1, CV-2 Done
18C Ogden Valley Architectural, Landscape and Screening Standards Done
19 Planned Commercial Zones C-1P, C-2P, C-3P Done
21 Manufacturing Zone M-1 Done
21B Ogden Valley Manufacturing Zone MV-1 Done
22 Manufacturing Zone M-2 Done
22A Manufacturing Zone M-3 Done
22B Cluster Subdivision Special Provisions Done
22C Conditional Uses Done
22D Planned Residential Unit Development Done
22E Open Space Zone O-1 Done
22F Time Share Done
23 Supplementary and Qualifying Regulations Done
24 Parking and Loading Space, Vehicle Traffic and Access Regulations Done
25 Motor Vehicle Access Done
26 Public Buildings and Public Utility Substations and Structures Done
27 Airport Zones and Height Regulations Done
28 Nonconforming Buildings, Uses, and Parcels Done
29 Board of Adjustment Done
30 Land Use Permit, Building Permit and Certificate of Occupancy Done
31 Administration Done
32 Signs Done
add a sign table, need to find the sign table
32B Ogden Valley Signs Done
33 Flood Plain Overlay Zone FP-1 Done
34 Home Occupation Done
35 Petitioner Requirements - Rezoning Procedure Development Agreement Done
36 Design Review Done
36B Hillside Development Review Procedures and Standards Done
37 Standards for Single Family Dwellings Done
38 Natural Hazards Overlay Districts Done
39 Ogden Valley Lighting Done
40 Ogden Valley Pathways Done
41 Ogden Valley Master-Planned Recreation Resort Zone RR-1
(this is a Pending Ordinance which has not been adopted)
42 Accessory Apartments Done
43 Ogden Valley Sensitive Lands Overlay Districts Done
44 Ogden Valley Transfer of Development Rights
(this is a Pending Ordinance which has not been adopted)
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