Two-Family Residential Zone R-2

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13-1 Purpose and Intent

The purpose of the R-2 Zone Classification is to accommodate a need for moderate density residential districts incorporating both single-family and two-family dwelling units.


13-2 Permitted Uses

  1. Accessory buildings and uses customarily incidental to any permitted use
  2. Agriculture
  3. Bachelor and/or bachelorette dwelling with 24 or less dwelling units
  4. Church, synagogue or similar permanent building used for regular religious worship
  5. Educational institution
  6. Golf course, except miniature golf course
  7. Greenhouse for private use only
  8. Group dwelling with 24 or less dwelling units in accordance with Chapter 23-22 of this Zoning Ordinance
  9. Home occupations
  10. Household pets
  11. Parking lot accessory to uses permitted in this zone
  12. Public building, public park, recreation grounds and associated buildings
  13. Residential Facility for Handicapped Persons meeting the requirements of Chapter 23-26 of this Ordinance
  14. Residential Facility for Elderly Persons meeting the requirements of Chapter 23-28 of this Ordinance
  15. Single-family dwelling
  16. Temporary building for use incidental to construction work. Such building shall be removed upon the completion or abandonment of the construction work
  17. Two-family dwelling

13-3 Conditional Uses

The following uses shall be permitted only when authorized by a Conditional Use Permit as provided in Chapter 22C of this Zoning Ordinance.

  1. Cemetery with customary incidental uses including, but not limited to mortuary, mausoleum, crematory, staff housing, service shops and chapel
  2. Educational/Institutional Identification Signs
  3. Planned Residential Unit Development, in accordance with Chapter 22D of this Zoning Ordinance
  4. Private park, playground, or recreation area, but not including privately owned commercial amusement business
  5. Public Utility Substations
  6. Water storage reservoir developed by a public agency and meeting requirements of Chapter 26 of this Zoning Ordinance

13-4 Site Development Standards

Zone R-2
Minimum lot area
  a. One building dwelling
     i. Single family 6,000 ft2
     ii. Two family or other main building 9,000 ft2
Minimum lot width 60 ft
Minimum yard setbacks
  a. Front 25 ft[1]
  b. Side
     i. Main Building
       (1) One building 8 ft[2]
     ii. Accessory Building 8 ft[3]
  c. Side (facing street on corner lot) 20 ft[4]
  d. Rear
     i. Main building 30 ft
     ii. Accessory building 1 ft[5]
Main building height
  a. Minimum one story
  b. Maximum 35 ft
Accessory building height 25 ft[6]
  1. 25 ft, except average of existing dwellings where 50% frontage is developed, but not less than 20 ft.
  2. 8 ft with total width of two required yards of not less than 18 ft for single family dwelling or two-family dwelling, and 20 ft each side for other main building.
  3. 8 ft except 1 ft if located at least 6 ft from rear of main building but not closer than 8 ft to dwelling on adjacent lot.
  4. 20 ft, except average of existing buildings where 50% frontage is developed, but not less than 15 ft.
  5. 1 foot except 8 feet where accessory building rears on side yard of adjacent corner lot.
  6. 25 ft unless meeting requirements of Chapter 23-29, Large Accessory Buildings.

13-5 Sign Regulations

The height, size and location of the following permitted signs shall be in accordance with the regulations set forth in Chapter 32 of this Zoning Ordinance:

  1. Business Sign for legal nonconforming commercial and industrial uses
  2. Identification and Information
  3. Name Plate
  4. Property
  5. Service

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