Weber County Stormwater Coalition Sub-Committees

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Contractor Training

This committee was formed 2012-02-09 to establish setup of training, talk with contractors and home builder association, determine funding and fee for the class, and figure out the possibility of providing CEU's for contractors.

  • Dean Smith (North Ogden)
  • Lee Ware (Accena Group)
  • Gene Bingham (Harrisville)
  • Rochelle Pfeaster (Weber County)


This committee was formed 2012-02-09 to explore revising MOUs and collecting money from the cities.

  • Mayor Bybee (Uintah)
  • Michael Tuttle (Weber County)
  • Paul Taylor (Hooper)
  • Steve Anderson (West Haven)

Water Fair

This committee was formed 2012-01-12 to discuss the possibility of doing a booth at the water fair, and look into verifying the dates to avoid conflicts with Road School.

  • Eric Householder (Ogden)
  • Gene Bingham (Harrisville)
  • George Burbidge (West Haven)
  • Michael Tuttle (Weber County)
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