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Planning Staff Report

Proposed Site Plan for Zoning Petition 11-07

February 19, 2008

Zoning Petition # 11-07 to Amend the Approved Residential and Commercial Area Requirements for Parcel #20-036-0035 Located in a CVR-1 Zone on the Southwest Corner of Old Snowbasin Road

The petitioner is requesting an amendment to the approved residential and commercial area requirements for Parcel # 20-036-0035 located in a CVR-1 Zone on the southwest corner of Old Snowbasin Road. The parcel in question was recently rezoned from CV-2 to CVR-1 so that the owner would be allowed to have condo-tel units instead of hotel units. As part of the rezone approval requirements the total project area was limited to 63,000 square feet, including 15,750 square feet of commercial space (which was required when the property was rezoned to CV-2). This leaves 47,250 square feet of residential space.

On September 13, 2007 the petitioner requested an amendment to the approved project area requirements and design. The request was for a total project area of 86,500 square feet, including 14,500 square feet of commercial space and 72,000 square feet of residential space for 60 units (1200 square feet per unit). The Planning Commission passed a motion to deny the request because “it was not in the best interest of the Valley to change it.”

The January 22, 2008 request called for 25,750 square feet of commercial area and 60,000 square feet of residential area for a total of 85,750 square feet, slightly less than the previous amendment. It was tabled until the February 19, 2008 meeting to allow the petitioner to revise the concept plan based on comments from the Planning Commission.

The revised request calls for 19,000 square feet of commercial area and 60,000 square feet of residential area. The concept plan consists of four buildings including two 20-plex condos, one 10-plex condo with 10,000 square feet of commercial on the main floor, and one commercial building containing 9,000 square feet. All of the residential buildings will have underground parking totaling 90 stalls, while 88 surface stalls are shown. The actual number of surface stalls required will depend on the proposed use of the commercial space. The concept plan also includes an outdoor plaza between the two commercial areas, a swimming pool and pool house, and two tot lots.

January 22, 2008 Request February 19, 2008 Request Approved Plan
Residential Area 60,000 square feet 60,000 square feet 47,250 square feet
Commercial Area 25,750 square feet 19,000 square feet 15,750 square feet
Total Area 85,750 square feet 79,000 square feet 63,000 square feet
Number of Units 50 Units 50 Units  ?

The CVR-1 Zone currently requires 7,500 square feet for the first two dwelling units in a building and 2,000 square feet for each additional dwelling unit. It also requires a minimum of 10% of the project area to be non-lodging type commercial. The project area contains 3.22 acres or 140,263 square feet and the petitioner is proposing 50 dwelling units which requires 110,500 square feet (if lockout rooms are proposed 500 square feet per lockout room must be added). Each dwelling unit would contain approximately 1200 square feet. Using the current approval numbers, 50 units would contain 945 square feet each.

The Planning Commission needs to decide again if the current requirements should remain in place, or if the new proposal (which does meet the requirements of the CVR-1 Zone) is better and more beneficial to Weber County.

Questions To Ask

  1. Can underground parking be added below the commercial building?
  2. Can the 10 plex/commercial building be moved either north or south to make room for more parking near the commercial areas?
  3. Is there enough landscaping to meet the 20% requirement?
  4. Is there adequate area for drainage with the large areas of pavement currently shown?

Conformance to General Plan

The CVR-1 Zone does allow what is being proposed, and this parcel is located within a commercial area shown in the General Plan.

Staff Recommendations

Staff recommends that the Planning Commission determine if the new proposal has more benefit to Weber County than the current approval. If the new proposal has a significant benefit that is not found in the current plan, a recommendation for approval should be given with necessary stipulations or changes. Any motion should be made as a recommendation to the County Commission and should contain specific findings

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