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Planning Staff Report

November 27, 2007

Zoning Petition ZP # 18-07 to allow pool covers as addition to secure pools

Finding of Fact

The International Building Codes allow safety covers over pools, so this amendment will home owners that option.

23-32 Family Swimming Pool Amendment

A family swimming pool shall be permitted in the side and rear yard of a dwelling as an accessory use provided the following requirements are met:

  1. The location of such family swimming pool or accessory machinery shall not be less than 10 ft. from any interior property line. On corner lots, the distance from said pool to the property line facing on a street shall not be less than the required side yard for an accessory building in that zone.
  2. An outside family swimming pool shall be completely enclosed by a substantial fence of not less than 6 ft. in height, or a power safety cover meeting the requirements of the international building codes. and any Lights used to illuminate said pool or its accessories shall be so arranged as to reflect the light away from adjoining premises. A “substantial fence” shall mean any fence that will not allow normal passage by any person except through an otherwise locked gate.

Staff Recommendations

Staff recommends the Planning Commission recommend to the County Commission that this amendment is approved.

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