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* [[Business Licensing Ordinance]]
* [[Business Licensing Ordinance]]
* [[Excavation Ordinance]]
* [[Excavation Ordinance]]
* [ Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance]
* [ Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance]
* [[Roads Ordinance]]
* [[Roads Ordinance]]
* [[Sewer Ordinance]]
* [[Sewer Ordinance]]

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Weber County Engineering
It is our function to provide the engineering services, support, and management needed in the maintenance, design, and implementation of Weber County's roads, bridges, storm water facilities, utilities, and other related public infrastructure. In conjunction with this purpose, we provide engineering support and resources to all county departments and Citizens. Through these services, we work to maintain or improve our public health and safety, infrastructure quality, value, and function, and our environment.
Functions We Perform
  • Production & management of plans, drawings, contracts & specifications, cost estimates, construction projects, environmental reports, and traffic surveys as needed for county storm water projects, road building and improvements, facilities and buildings, bridge replacement, and other related county infrastructure.
  • Review of proposed development plans for adherence to local codes, design standards, and ordinances. These local codes and standards deal with utility placement and availability, irrigation easements, storm water runoff, road improvement, and other infrastructure improvements.
  • Management and distribution of applications for construction and use type permits including excavation and special events permits. We also manage and distribute business licenses and Weber County's aerial imagery.
  • Provide continuous assistance to County Citizens, Contractors, Consultants, and other Public Agencies concerning land and municipal engineering issues.
Other Responsibilities
Other Projects
Contact Information
Weber Center
2380 Washington Blvd., Suite 240
Ogden, UT 84401
Phone: (801) 399-8374
Fax: (801) 399-8862
Business Hours
Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
We are closed holidays.
Information and Data
Miscellaneous Links
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