Subdivision Plat Checklist

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This list is contains information that is typical to most developments. This list does not necessarily contain all the information that needs to be addressed on all developments. It has been created more as a guideline/aid in the design process.


  • Developer's Name(s)
  • Adjacent Property Owners Name(s)
  • ROW Dedication
  • ROW Width
  • Remainder Parcel(s) clearly marked
  • Signature Blocks
  • Fences
    • 5' non-climbable fence required on all canals over 5 cfs, storm drawins, and open ditches and ponds over 4' deep, and abutting major collectors (state highways).


  • Irrigation ditch easement - Typically around 10' on small ditches, and 20' on larger ditches for maintenance
  • Canals - Typically 20' wide, or per the canal company specifications
  • Drainages
    • Slough
    • River
    • Stream
  • Floodplain - May extend beyond boundary of drainage easement
    • Check Flood Maps
    • Check area for evidence of flooding
  • Public Utility
    • 10' Public utility and drainage easements required along frontage of all lots
    • Sewer, storm water, power, telephone, cable, gas, best located along back of lots, along lot lines
  • Access easement for landlocked parcel, maybe agricultural parcel

Additional Paperwork

  • Escrow Required
    • Escrow here means escrow certificate (money in bank), letter of credit (from a lending institution, cashier's escrow (deposited in out account)
    • Revenue number required for each escrow account
    • Escrow account will have Expenditure number
    • Required for anything to make a lot a buildable lot, e.g. water, sewer, roadway, etc.
    • May get approval, build improvements, and then record the subdivision.
  • Improvement Drawings are required prior to recording
    • Required for any off-site improvements, e.g. water, serwer, substandard roads, etc.
    • Excavation permit may be required for offsite improvements.
  • Hillside Problems
    • Slope of lot > 25% designated as 'R' Lot, or designate a 75'x100' building area with a slope ≤ 25%
    • May not allow a drain field due to steep slope
    • Hillside may require a soil analysis due to slide potential
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