Parcel Search

1. Parcel Number Quick Search: (instructions below)

Parcel Number Quick Search Instructions:

Weber County parcel numbers are listed in a 9-digit book, page, parcel format. Sample: A parcel in Book 10, on Page 013, with a parcel number of 0001, would be listed as 10-013-0001 or 100130001.

If you only have a partial parcel number, or want to pull a series of parcel numbers in the same book and page, you can also enter it in the box above, and click search.

2. Owner Search: (instructions below)

Owner Search Instructions:

Enter the last name of the owner you are searching for. Owner name may also be recorded in a trust or under the name of a spouse. For best results use last name only.

Example: The Owner is John, Smith, then enter Smith. You can narrow your search results by putting a comma then the first initial of the first name: Smith, J.

3. Address Search: (instructions below)

Address Search Instructions:

If the entire address is unknown, then enter the house number of the address you want to search for (ex. 1). If entering the complete address please use US Postal Standards for street type abbreviations such as AVE and ST (ex. 2).

If no records are returned, the best solution is to follow example 1 below. Example 1:Address is 2341 S 500 E, then enter 2341 Example 2:2341 S 500 E