Welcome to the Weber County RAMP Website

Training Dates

  • October 16, 2013 3pm-5pm - Weber County Commission Chambers
  • October 17, 2013 6pm-8pm - Weber County Commission Chambers

RAMP Summer Activities

Ramp also supports the Summer Saturday program which offers free admittance to many of the county recreational and cultural facilities. For more information about times and locations, click below.

Information about the Weber County RAMP program:

  • Receives one penny for every $10.00 purchase
  • Funds new and existing facilities for recreation, arts, museums and parks
  • Funds qualified cultural organizations and events
  • Benefits all Weber County residents
  • Enhances quality of life in Weber County and promotes economic vitality

RAMP funds have been used to fund such projects as:

  • Playing Fields
  • Walking, biking, equestrian and cross-country trails
  • Neighborhood parks and pathways
  • Swimming pools and aquatic centers
  • Community recreation centers
  • Multi-cultural and arts festivals
  • Dance, theatre and music activities and performances
  • Literary outreach programs
  • Publicly owned tennis, basketball and skating facilities