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Q. I need to change my mailing address for tax purposes. How do I do that?
A. You can print a change of address form from this link and mailing the completed form to this office. Our address can be found at this link.
Note: Please remember to sign the form. An unsigned form will not be processed.

Q. Where do I obtain forms for recording purposes?
A. At most office supply stores or a title company.

Q. What are the recording fees?
A. $10.00 for the first page of a document, $2.00 for each additional page. For more detailed information on fees, refer to the Fee Schedule.

Q. Are Wills and Trust Agreements recorded in this office?
A. No. Wills and Trusts should be handled through an attorney. However, property deeded to the Trustee's of a Trust should be recorded in the Recorders office.

Q. How do I record a document?
A. Bring or mail your completed document (completely filled out, signed and acknowledged) to the Recorder's Office. Recording information will be put on your document to identify it, and a recording fee will be charged. If the document is mailed in the fee must accompany the document. The original document will be returned to you after it has been properly recorded.

Q. Can I record property anywhere in the state in your county?
A. No. Only real property located in Weber County can be recorded in this county. The document must be recorded in the county where the property is situated.

Q. When is my Document actually recorded?
A. As soon as your document has been received by the office and assigned an identification number, it is recorded. The other procedures of the office are necessary to support and confirm the recording of that document for future reference.