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Monument Notice


It is imperative that this office be given no less than 2 working days notice to perform the necessary referencing to preserve any government monument. This is in reference to Utah Code 17-23-15.

Notice of a County Monument in Jeopardy of being damaged / destroyed may be sent to this office in the following manners.  They are listed in order of preference:


801-399-8020 during regular business hours.


Click here to send an e-mail.


Weber County Surveyor's Office
2380 Washington Blvd, Suite 370
Ogden, Utah  84401

With all of these methods of contacting us you will need to include the following information:

1.  The monument number or designation as stamped on the cap (if any).

2.  The approximate location of the monument by address or section, township and range.

3.  The planned construction schedule so that we can attempt to accommodate the schedule.  This may not always be possible, calling us well in advance will reduce the inconvience you may experience by a delay of your project.

4.  A phone number, address, e-mail location, or other reliable means of personally contacting you.