Weber County Home Page
August 29th 2015 11:08 AM


To all residents of Weber County:

It has been brought to my attention that there is a company sending solicitations by way of postal mail to Weber County property owners which are titled DEED PROCESSING NOTICE. This document also makes the following statement;

“This service to obtain a copy of your grant deed or other record of title is not associated with any governmental agency. You can obtain a copy of your grant deed or other record of title from the county Recorder in the county where your property is located in, for up to $83.00.”

The document appears to be a billing statement and is, therefore, misleading to the public. Please be advised that the cost of obtaining a copy of your property deed in Weber County is only a copy cost. The fee for a copy of a document is $ 1.00 per page. Should you need to obtain certified copies of the document an additional certification fee of $ 5.00 would be added per document (the certification cost is by the document not per page).

The records of the Weber County Recorder/Surveyor are public records and open for inspection to all citizens at no charge by coming to the office and using our computers to look at your records. Our address is The Weber Center, 2380 Washington Blvd. Ste 370, Ogden, Utah, 84401. Or you can call the office for information at (801) 399-8441.

Thank you.

Ernest D. Rowley, PLS, CFedS
Weber County Recorder/Surveyor