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Ernest D. Rowley, PLS
Weber County Recorder/Surveyor

Ernest was born in Fillmore, Utah (the territorial capitol of Deseret), grew up in Meadow where he obtained the rank of Eagle in the Boy Scouts of America, and graduated from Millard High School. After graduating he served an L.D.S. Church mission in South Dakota. After returning from his mission he and his new bride, Carolyn Rosselot, began raising a family which has grown to include five children and five grandchildren. He attended Utah Technical College in Orem, Utah now known as Utah Valley State College , where he graduated with an Associate of Applied Science degree in Drafting and Design Technologies, which included course studies in surveying and mapping.

After completing college he obtained work with Sunrise Engineering, Inc. in Fillmore, Utah as a draftsman. After less than a month of employment he was asked to help on the surveying crew to complete a large road project and placed him on the path to becoming a licensed surveyor. While at Sunrise he worked as an Engineering Technician and eventually obtained his land surveying license in Utah in 1989. He also worked as the contracted County Surveyor for Millard and Sanpete counties.

In March of 1993 he sought employment outside of Rural Utah and moved to Layton to begin working in Northern Utah for Knox & Associates in Bountiful as chief of surveys. In April of 1995, after Mr. Martin Moore was elected the Weber County Surveyor, he was appointed by Mr. Moore as Chief Deputy Surveyor for the Weber County Surveyor's Office.

February 3rd, 2006, Mr. Moore passed away after a long battle with cancer. His passing caused the office of county surveyor to be vacant. Subsequently, Ernest was appointed as Weber County Surveyor by the County Commission on March 14th, 2006 to fill the remainder of Martin's term in office which ended December 31st, 2006.

On January 31, 2006, the Weber County Commission, by ordinance, consolidated the offices of Recorder and Surveyor. This was the first time in the history of the county that these offices have been combined to be directed by a single department head. Ernest was successfully elected to the new office of Recorder/Surveyor on November 7th, 2006, and took the oath of office on January 2nd, 2007, where he currently serves the citizens of Weber County.

Ernest is a Licensed Land Surveyor in the States of  Utah, Nevada and Illinois.  In addition to his state surveying licenses' and A.A.S. degree, he has received training and certificates in Advanced Land Surveying from Snow College, Computer Aided Drafting for AutoCAD, Eagle Point engineering software, VersaCAD, and LazerCAD. He has also recieved GIS software certification using ArcView, and equipment certification on Leica Global Positioning Systems (GPS).

Ernest is a member of the National Association of County Recorders, Election Officials and Clerks and the National Association of County Surveyors. He serves on the Utah Association of Counties Board of Directors. He has also served as the Secretary/Treasurer of the County Recorders Association in 2009, and as Vice President in 2010. He has also been appointed by Governor Gary Herbert to serve as a member of the State Records Committee.

He is an active member of and served in many leadership capacities in the Utah Council of Land Surveyors, (UCLS) in the Salt Lake Chapter and the Golden Spike Chapter as well as being a member of the UCLS State Board of Directors from 1998 to 2005. 

He was presented with the "2005 Surveyor of the Year" award by the UCLS on February 23rd, 2006. The award is "In Recognition for Outstanding Work and Dedication to the Surveying Profession". This is a rare and significant award for him to recieve from his piers. He has also been presented the 2009 Outstanding County Surveyor award by the Utah Association of County Surveyors.

In addition to his Weber County duties he is an adjunct professor in the surveying program at Salt Lake Community College which occupies some of his time in the evenings during the fall and spring semesters. This college program is the only Surveying Degree program in the State of Utah and is staffed by a number of licensed professional surveyors.

Ernest found the demands of his position as Chief Deputy and County Surveyor to be challenging and rewarding. He finds the new challanges of the consolidated offices to be equally challanging and rewarding. He is committed to carrying on the "Legacy of Trust" that he and Martin have developed with the public. He will continue to work toward the stabilization of private property boundaries and the integerity of individual property rights.

Ernest's experience and knowledge have brought to the Surveyor's Office and now to the Recorder's Office accurate records. He established in the Surveyor's Office a program which the computerization of the records of the Surveyor's Office was begun. This computerization will manifest its self in the form of the Surveyor's GIS Data Base and in part is served to the public by way of the county web site. In 2007 Ernest was able to have launched a web based system of property research that is subscribed to by private companies nationwide and generates a revenue stream for the county general fund.