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Weber County Corrections
Initiating a Complaint or Complimentary Report

Any citizen may initiate a complaint or compliment on a Sheriff's Office member. You may telephone a duty supervisor. Supervisors may be contacted at:

Weber County Sheriff's Office 
721 W. 1200 S. 
Ogden, UT 84404 
(801) 629-8221

Complaints or compliments may be reported regarding any member of the Sheriff's Office including all sworn and non-sworn members.

You may also contact the Internal Affairs Section directly by calling (801) 778-6910.


Though citizens are encouraged to report concerns, the Weber County Sheriff's Office cautions against falsely or maliciously accusing Sheriff's Office members. False complaints can adversely affect a member and this office, while eroding the quality of public service that we provide. Your kind consideration is appreciated.

Types of Complaints

Minor Complaint

A complaint that deals with a member's attitude or demeanor.

Major Complaint

Complaint of a serious nature that may involve the use of force, criminal conduct, false arrest, or any other serious matter.

Service Complaint

Complaints regarding the level of service delivered. These complaints may involve failure to respond to a call for service or a member's failure to make a report.

Confidential Complaint

Due to the nature of these complaints, they will be investigated accordingly. The utmost effort will be given to maintain confidentiality when possible. Complaints can be made anonymously. Anonymous complaints are more difficult to investigate and are not always as thorough as a complaint made by a known person.

Investigative Process

First you submit your complaint. We will then contact you by mail or telephone within ten working days to let you know that we have received and recorded your complaint. It is the Weber County Sheriff's Office policy that all complaints be investigated within thirty days of receipt. This time line may be extended, if necessary, to thoroughly conduct the investigation. You should be contacted on a monthly basis at the minimum, until the investigation is completed. Once the investigation has been completed, we will contact you regarding the determination of the complaint. We will make every effort to keep you informed, but you are always welcome to contact us.

When a complaint of a minor nature is received, it will be referred to the member's immediate supervisor to conduct the investigation. The investigation may involve all parties or witnesses to the allegation being contacted and interviewed. Following completion of the investigation, the supervisor will forward the report to the Internal Affairs Section via the chain of command.

Major complaint investigations will be conducted by the Internal Affairs investigators. Complaints of a criminal nature will necessitate a criminal investigation, independent of the internal investigation. Investigations completed by, or referred to, the Internal Affairs Unit will be forwarded to the Sheriff.

Service complaint investigations may be assigned to supervisory personnel or the Internal Affairs Unit.

Anonymous or confidential complaints will be investigated in the same manner as the above three categories depending on which category would be applicable.

721 West 12th Street
Ogden, Utah 84404

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8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Excluding Holidays

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